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Jun 8, 2007 07:11 AM

Hollywood Farmer's Market

I will be visiting LA Oct 29-31 and would love to visit this market. Do anyone know if it is only open on Sunday? There is supposed to be a wonderful Mexican food stand (restaurant) there....can't remember the name. Does anyone know of this and if so, are they open Mon-Wed. Many thanks.

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  1. There are two farmer's markets I think you might be confusing:

    You are probably thinking of the Third and Fairfax market, which is a permanent market composed of food stands, shops and restaurants that is open 7 day a week. Loteria is a popular Mexican restaurant there, located at the center of the market.

    The Hollywood Farmers' Market is a once a week Farmer's Market, which is on Ivar Street between Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard. It is open on Sundays from 8:30 am until about 1 or 2 pm and has amazing produce and some good food stands. There are several Mexican stands (tamales, burritos) but none that I've heard great things about.

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      SKU...thank you so Loteria that I was looking for and I am very happy to hear that it's at Third and Fairfax market which is open 7 days a made my day. Thanks again.

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        No problem, have a good trip. While you're at the Market, be sure to pick up some Littlejohn's Toffee. They also have a great doughnut stand (Bob's) and some very good places selling fondue (Mssr. Marcel's), crepes, Brazilian and Singaporean food along with many other options. Let us know what you think.

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        There is the mexican lady, at the Hollywood market, who has a restaurant, it has been over a year but her chilaqilles where really good and so are her salsas.

      3. If you mean the Hollywood Farmers Market, yes, only on Sunday, the one mexican stand I think you mean, has a restaurant east of LA, maybe someone can get the name & post it. Now if you mean the Farmers Market on Fairfax & 3rd street, that is open 7 days a week and the restaurant is called Loteria Grill.

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          Thanks Burger's the Loteria Grill that I couldn't think of the name. I saw the chef/owner on Epicurious with Michael Lamonica and was salivating at the food.

        2. be forewarned: the farmers market at third and fairfax is a great place to eat, buy license plates with japanese names on them and other assorted tchotchkes. it is not by any stretch of the imagination a farmers market. there are a few places that sell produce (and a great butcher and poultry guy), but very little produce and absolutely nothing sold by a farmer.

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            Agreed. It's better to think of the 3rd/Fairfax Farmer's Market as an open air food court that also happens to have a few grocer vendors. I much prefer the Hollywood Farmer's Market when buying actual stuff. (And the food at the Hollywood FM isn't bad either, though much more the epitome of street food: tacos, pupusas, corn, etc).

          2. Here are links to info on both the 3rd and Fairfax Market and the Hollywood Farmer's Market:



            1. Yea, I love the Hollywood Farmer's market. And if you go, always make sure to try some of the Tamales, which are fantastic. I also like the Korean food stand allot, and they have great corn on a stick, damn making myself salivate!