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Jun 8, 2007 07:08 AM

Odeon Cafe--What is the story?

I have heard mixed reviews on Odeon Cafe. Is it worth while for a group of friend for dinner on Saturday night? Any other recommendations for dinner in the Dupont/Logan Circle area for a group of friends without spending $30 an entree? We have some picky eaters as well.

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  1. I haven't been in a couple of years, but Odeon was always a good (not great) reliable place to eat. I was particular partial to the smoked salmon pasta. There's nothing on the menu that will really blow away a foodie, but the space is nice and the service is friendly.

    1. I agree. It's fine, not spectacular. The sausage and peppers is a decent, if a bit greasy, version of a classic. It's highly popular with concierges, though, and is often very busy with tourists.

      Nearby, I think that Sette Osteria (CT and R St) is a great spot for a group. It's a fairly large space, with a lovely outdoor seating area on the sidewalk on R St. It's a bit more casual than Odeon, and quite affordable. Their pastas aren't the best in DC, though are fairly reliable, but their pizzas are probably the highlight there. I think it's trustworthy and it's a cheerful, fun atmosphere.

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        Yep, Odeon is pretty good. I went there a few times, and enjoyed the food. The servers had a bit too much "attitude" for me, though. Like when my friend and I went in, and they told us we'd have to wait 30 minutes for a 2-top instead of seating us at one of the many empty 4-tops. I know that's pretty common, but it still rankled me.

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          Ooops.... I meant "Sette" in the previous post.

      2. I haven't been in awhile but I remember it being pretty good but the wine list if I remember correctly was pretty over priced--didn't really match the price of the food.

        Sette is good and you can get outdoor seating. I particularly like their broccoli rabe with sweet and spicy sausage...very good!