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Jun 8, 2007 06:55 AM

Great pizza in Camden/Burlington Counties

Yes, I know about Pete n Eldas, Kinchleys, Star, Squan Tavern, etc and their great pizzas. Just looking to see if there is anything closer and more convenient to home. Thin CRISPY crust pizzas are unheard of in this part of NJ. It is typically a very doughy, barely cooked pizza crust. And rolling? You could never roll a piece of pizza you find around here. It's way too limp. And, I am not so impressed with Tacconellis in Moorestown. I would hardly call that in the same class as Kinchleys or Pete n Eldas. We had Kinchleys every Friday night, growing up! I would kill for pizza like theirs, and so would my sister, who moved to the area 3 years ago.We're looking for something closer to home. (Trenton is not an option; thanks anyway). Help!

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  1. Alfred's Tomato Pies
    Blackwood, NJ

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      Finally checked out Alfred's last week after reading about it on these boards. My wife is from New Haven and nothing can compare to Pepe's for her, but we've been trying for years to find pizza in South Jersey that rates anywhere close to that. In fact, my wife told Alfred this when we ordered and he said he could put Pepe's out of business if he moved up there. Sorry, Alfred, not quite. The pizza is good - probably the best crust we've had in NJ, but my wife said there was too much garlic in the sauce. I still want to try the clam pie to compare - haven't had that anywhere but Pepe's. One other thing: do not go to Alfred's if you're in a hurry - he was shorthanded that night, but it took us 90 minutes to get our one large pie, half-pepperoni. We weren't the only ones, either - one lady took her pie home half-cooked because she was tired of waiting. He is a nice guy, though, and we liked the way he sang along to Sinatra while he slung our dough. Worth the wait, but definitely not Pepe's.

    2. I thought I was the only one going crazy here! Yep, the pizza joints I've been to in this part of Jersey all have that doughy crust that I cannot stand. I go back to New York or Raritan/Somerville to get myself a crispy slice instead.

      Well, at least it's doing my waistline some good :-)

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        My sister found a place in Medford called Vitos on 541, just north of the former Medford circle (70&541 intersection). It's probably the best crust I've had here, but not in the same class as a Kinchleys.
        Two other suggestions: Cranbury pizza in downtown Cranbury. Huge slices; crispy crust, nice and thin. Really good pizza and the little town is really cute.
        Conte's on Witherspoon just Princeton Med Center in Princeton. Pretty decent pizza.
        If I had to decide between the two, I'd go with Cranbury.What is this? Nobody knows a decent pizza around here. Not getting it at all.
        Dying for a nice slice, that you can roll. And that little dribble of olive oil running down your wrist. Just enough sauce and cheese. Not too much. A crunch when you bite into it. Sigh.

        1. re: mschow

          Thanks for the tips, mschow. I'm fairly close to Medford, so I'll check out Vitos very soon, probably when I don't feel like cooking. I'll see how the Princeton and Cranbury slices fare, too. Hmm, a nice pizza for breakfast doesn't sound like a bad idea right now... A bit of gooey cheese (not too much!), just the right amount of sauce, and a crispy crust that folds without crumbling, but doesn't resemble rubber.

          What is it with the pizzerias here in Burlington/Camden? Why is it that they do the thick, soggy slices? I just don't get it, either. Now I'm beginning to wonder how other regions in the country fare pizza-wise. Makes me shudder.

          1. re: ArtemisNYC

            I lived in Texas for a while and if you think our S Jersey pizza here is bad, well.... you don't know from bad!
            You know how you could sort of fall out the door in N. Jersey and find a halfway decent pizza without really trying? It's the same with Mexican food there. Lots of good Mex without driving too far; no decent pizza or Italian food there in TX.
            Now I am craving a pizza from Cranbury pizza...might have to take a drive up there over the weekend! (plus it's alot safer than driving into Trenton)

            1. re: mschow

              Kinchley's is our favorite to the north, Pizza Fresca in Marlton to the south. The crust isn't as thin at Kinchley's but the pizza is top shelf.

              Riviera Pizza in Medford is also good. I

              1. re: FatAndOld

                second the rec fro Riviera in Medford-- I only go to the Stokes Rd. location