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locally raised turkeys

Does anyone know of a farm in MA that raises them year round? Am looking to order one ASAP.

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    1. If Duxbury isn't too far, Bongi's Turkey Roost sells turkeys. My sister has tried them for a Thanksgiving turkey and thought it was good.

      1. You could also try this great site called The Eat Well Guide:
        You type in your zip code and it lists all kinds of sustainable and organic farms, butchers, stores, and restaurants in your area. It's part of sustainabletable.org which is a non-profit group that's doing great things towards getting the word out about the alternatives to factory farms and commercial produce.
        (and, no, I don't work for them. I just think they're doing a good thing)

        1. Kate Stillman and Aidan Davin have branched off from Stillman's Farm (run by Kate's dad, Glenn) and started their own farm focusing more on livestock: http://www.stillmansfarm.com/theturke...
          They do raise turkeys, although last year (their first) it was only for the holidays. However, you might get in touch and see if they've got more of a year-round thing going this year. We got our Thanksgiving turkey from them last year and it was excellent.

          1. I can recommend Owen's Poultry Farm in Needham. They are just wonderful.

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            1. outlook farm in holliston is fantastic, they raise and butcher there....

              1. Tendercrop Farm in Newbury, Rte. 1A North, raise their own turkeys.
                Here's the link:

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                  Do any of the turkey farmers mentioned above raise heritage turkeys? How about organic feed, etc.?

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                    Tendercrop states that their turkeys are "grass fed, hormone free." There's a phone number at their web site.

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                      Is Tendercrop the place that has the American Bison's located on the property.

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                        Yes, and Llamas too. Children have fun feeding Buffy the Bison with meal pellets available in the farm stand.

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                      Stillman Farms raises heritage turkeys but I asked Kate about ordering one for this holiday season and she said they'd only have about 50 so put your order in quick! Otherwise, it doesn't sound like the have turkeys year round yet...

                  2. Does anyone know one of these vendors that might sell turkey necks from locally raised birds (frozen would be fine)? Mayflower still has chicken back and necks, but they only carry Purdue for turkey necks (like market basket). Turkey necks in addition to making excellent broth have enough meat that they make good eatin. You can use them in recipes that would be made with oxtail, just have to be careful not to let the eat fall off the bone too much. And also can be eaten fried or probably roasted.

                    1. Try Seven Acres Farm in North Reading. I have never been but driven by several times and it looks very interesting. They seem to specialize in turkeys so they may have just what you need:

                      4 Concord Street
                      North Reading, MA 01864
                      (978) 664-2660

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                        I have never gotten a entire turkey, but do get theri sausages and turkey tips, which are good.

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                          I get jumbo eggs from Seven Acres Farm in North Reading. They are the only eggs I will buy. They are always fresh unlike the eggs you buy in a supermarket.

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                            Thanks for the tip. I am stopping by somtime this week for some turkey tips, and will pick up some egss, too.

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                              Turkey eggs taste funny.
                              Most of us prefer chicken eggs...

                          2. I always get my fresh turkey from Tendercrop Farm in Newbury Ma.
                            They are the best. They do not raise them year round but have fresh frozen year round if you ask at their butchery. They have a new website and you can order Thanksgiving turkeys online. :)

                            They do raise chickens year round and I won't buy any other chicken. I have been in their chicken green houses where they grow the chickens and the facility is unbelievable.