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Jun 7, 2007 11:00 AM

Donburi in downtown SF (split from Donburi on the Peninsula thread)

This has me craving donburi too! But I'm in downtown SF - should we start a new thread, or does anyone have suggestions. I am right near Delica RF1 in the Ferry Building which is my usual "go to" Japanese place - their tonkatsu bento boxes are great. But donburi would really hit the spot today ;-)

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  1. I vote for starting a new SF thread as I just moved back here from Florida (been away from SF for 15 years!) and don't know of good donburi spots yet.

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    1. re: Andrea Parker

      I'm glad to see all the responses here with donburi places. A couple of them are at least close to SF. :)

      I moved to San Jose a few years ago from Florida, myself. (Tampa, specifically.)

    2. Although I haven't tried it at either place, I bet Kamakura (77 Battery) and Hotaru (Powell and Washington) make at least passable versions.

      1. A couple Union Square-area places, rather than FiDi. Dojima An (on O'Farrell, near Powell) has donburi, and I think Katana-ya (Geary, near Mason) has it also, but I've only ever gotten the ramen there.

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        1. re: shortexact

          Closer to FiDi is Sushi Rock on Pine and Grant. I'm not a donburi expert but it's good enough for me. I've also had Katana-ya ramen and that's delish, but alas, nothing else there.

          1. re: shiromaguro

            Sorry to hear that the other choices at Katana-ya are more lackluster, but thanks for the warning!

        2. Mikaku, the Japanese restaurant nearest the Chinatown gates on Grant at the edge of Union Square might be worth checking out for their donburi (given that they did have hand made fresh soba noodles there before).