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Jun 8, 2007 06:01 AM

West Village with Kids?

We are going to a kids show on Sunday in the Wst Village/Tribeca area and are looking for a place for two families (3 kids 4 adults) to have a fun, casual lunch with variety for the adults. Pizza/italian is ok, but no chix fingers!!!

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  1. Otto Pizzeria is very family friendly, and although the food and service get mixed reviews here, I think it's a good suggestion for a group with kids. Options range from plain pizza to more exotic flavors (rustic Italian) on a pizza or pasta dish. The cheese and meat plates are great, too. And make sure to get a few different gelati for dessert!

    1. Definitely take them to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame on Hudson and W 10th. Really fun and the food is great if you remotely like southwestern, updgraded trailer trash kinda grub. We are childless adults and go there a lot for salads (the "all chopped up" is killer), fried chicken, BBQ pork sandwich, etc. (not to mention the frozen blood orange margarita which'll definitely give everyone a nice relaxing feeling...), and the kids will find plenty to eat even w/out the dreaded kids menu. Plus they'll love the kitchy cowgirl artwork all over the walls.