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Jun 8, 2007 05:28 AM

KC Bo Lings--what to order?!?!

i am going to bo lings tomorrow afternoon for lunch and I was wondering what are the best dishes here?? I have heard so much about this place and I can't wait. Are there any " can't miss" items? Was anything disappointing? I dont really like spicy and I wont probably go for a vegetarian entree but your suggestions are welcome! I will be at the zona rosa location so no dim sum for me.... : (

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  1. Unfortunately the lunch menu is a very abbreviated version of the full menu. My favorite dishes are not on the lunch menu. I like Beijing duck with buns. You must say buns otherwise they serve them in crepes (of sorts). I also like the Yu Shiang beef. From the lunch menu, I like the beef with broccoli.

    1. If you want authentic, ask for their "Special Menu."

      1. My wife and I ate at one last weekend. The one at 95th and Quivera. I had the Szeshwan Peppercorn Chicken, she had General Tso's Chicken. Mine was fairly hot and very tasty, hers was too sweet for me and had no heat at all. But she really liked it.

        When we walked in they had the bar covered in green beans, When servers weren't busy, they were over stringing them. I asked what they were for, and was told something about some dish not on the menu. It was hard for me to understand and she didn't hang around long enough for me to ask her to clarify. They did look nice and fresh and I would have liked to have something with them.

        Next time I'll know to ask for the special menu

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          At any Chinese place, we never order our own plates; we always eat family style with a selection of dishes. Yes, even when it's a small group. That's how my Chinese dad taught us, and that's what we do. That way, you can have a balance of meat dishes and veggies (like steamed Chinese broccoli with a little oyster sauce).

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            The green beans are for a dish called Sichuan Green Beans - they're SO delicious! THey are stir-fried with a little soy sauce and other spices, I'm not sure what else, but the taste and texture are just perfect. Slightly spicy and very savory. I highly recommend them to everybody!

          2. I'm planning on going to Bo Lings on Sunday for my first experience with Dim Sum. Any recommendations on what to try? I'm going with a Chinese native so I'll have some guidance, but any thoughts/comments/experiences would be great!

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              Bo Lings has great lettuce wraps.

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                Get noodles from the cart! Any vegetable dim sum are wonderful. Chinese broccoli, shredded vegetables with sesame and pickled cabbage are our favorites. Shrimp stuffed eggplant with black bean sauce, shao mai, vegetable dumplings, shrimp and chive dumplings, sliced duck, sweet tofu porridge, spicy pork dumplings with spinach.....

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                  I liked everything at Bo Ling's Dim Sum except the following -

                  Beef Ribs - very mushy
                  Seaweed Salad - just not my thing
                  Turnip Cake - again, not my thing
                  Rice Cake Dessert - was okay - but, not the best

                  Everything else is GREAT! Have fun - it's a great thing to do w/ out of towners.

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                    I forgot about turnip cake. It is definitely one of my things!

                    Beef ribs - not my thing, either.

                    Chicken feet - I love them but no one else I go with does.

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                      approximately how much do the dim sum dishes cost?? i know it varies on meat vs. no meat, but typically how much would you gauge per person??

                      btw...the honey walnut shrimp was delicious, (yeah its not authentic, but it tastes great). i make my own honey mayo sauce now for other dishes... Some of the other dinners looked huge. The egg rolls looked especially plump if i remember correctly.

                      1. re: asiansensation007

                        I can't quote all prices, but surprisingly, the vegetable dishes are among the most expensive. Dumplings, shao mai, noodles and rice dishes are very reseasonable, some of them are under $3. My husband and I can order 12 different things, with 2 vegetables such as gai lan and shredded vegetables, and 1 seafood, something like shrimp stuffed eggplant, with the rest being noodles, turnip cake, vegetable dumplings, a meatball dim sum, shao mai, steamed pork buns, fun rolls, sticky rice with mushrooms, tofu skin puffs and egg custard tarts
                        and hot tea and get out of there for under $35. That includes a 20+% gratuity. We usually take leftovers home for my husband's lunch the next day. It's worth it to us. It does seem the more people in your party, the lower per person cost. I don't think $15 per person is an unrealistic estimate.

                        1. re: zataar

                          wow. the dishes you described sound fantastic. Thats interesting about the veggie dishes...hmmm maybe they are more labor intensive in their prep...or bo lings is just making higher roi's.

                          the tofu skin puffs--i have never heard of those before, they really interesting. Is there sauce to dip them in?

                          i wish you could order some of the dim sum during regular dinner hours as apps...i am going to zona rosa tonight and i tried to talk my friend into going to bo lings, alas, she saw the menu and exclaimed, "I'm not paying $10 for beef and broccoli!" i explained that maybe we should order something that you cant normally get at any normal jackie chan joint....BUT even if you did, the dish would be that much better (hopefully). but i think we are going somewhere she mentioned hongs buffet down the street...heaven help us all. :)

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                          The spring rolls & Egg rolls are extremely good - crispy - not greasy or chewy. The sauce they put on them is fantastic.

                      2. re: pollymerase

                        Please report back and tell us what you enjoy! I'd go for everything mentioned already plus the funn rolls. I like the steamed shrimp ones better than the pan fried ones with sausage and chives, but that's your choice. They're also available with beef and I think it's pork. The steamed sticky rice in lotus leaf is also tasty, if you're a little adventurous.