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Jun 8, 2007 03:39 AM

pomace olive oil??????

What's the best way to use pomace olive oil? Thanks

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  1. Don't use it. It is the last dregs of olive pressing, enhanced by petroleum. It is flavorless, has a low flash point, and is the wrong oil to use for anything. If you must, use it for sauteeing on a low burner. Sorry.

    1. I use it to make soap. I get the impression that it's technically edible, but not something you'd volunarily ingest.

      1. Pomace should not be eaten if you can help it. I don't think you can even legally call it 'olive oil', it has to be labeled 'olive-pomace oil' or something. As pitterpatter says, it's chemically extracted from the solid bits of olive left after the good oil is pressed out.

        1. C'mon guys, It's not THAT vile...
          Think of it as cheap vegetable oil that happens to be made from Olives. It won't have much flavor, it will have a high smoke point-
          consider using it for sautes or for lubrication- greasing grill racks, seasoning pans, etc.

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          1. re: lunchbox

            I just read that it had cancer causing properties. I don't know how accurate that is, but it's enough to put me off. Why bother? Just save it for making soap.

            1. re: Willoughby2

              You seem to have a grasp on the "don't believe everything you read" thing. But let's dig a little deeper here.

              The "cancer-causing properties" of pomace oil are a function of solvent extraction. The most common solvent used is hexane. Some people claim that hexane is a carcinogen, but the research doesn't support that claim. Moreover, once the extraction process is complete, the hexane is recovered, and none remains in the oil.

              Moreover, hexane is also commonly used to extract the conventionally-produced oils at the supermarket. So the cancer risk of pomace oil is the same as the cancer risk of, say, safflower oil.

              Some folks only consume cold-pressed expeller-produced oils. If you're one of them, then you should certainly avoid pomace oil. But eschewing pomace oil because of some imaginary risk and then consuming other oils that pose exactly the same risk seems silly.

          2. Ditto - I'm with the no eat group.