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Jun 8, 2007 12:16 AM

Amazing gnocchi at Farina

I had dinner at Farina with a couple of friends tonight. We shared a Focaccia di Recco, Gnocchi al Castelmagno, the pasta special of the day, and Pansotti al Sugo di Noci.
We all agreed that the gnocchi and the pansotti were among the most authentic pasta dishes we've ever had in the US. By the way, when we fist ordered the gnocchi the waiter came back to say the they had run out of them. Then, after a few minutes, he came back to say that the chef had decided to make fresh gnocchi for us!
Later the chef came to our table and explained how they import pine nuts from Pisa and other ingredients directly from Italy. Now wine is BYOB only, which gave us the opportunity to drink a bottle of Roero Arneis that has been sitting in my kitchen for too long...
With such good food we didn't really care much about ambiance or service!

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    1. Did you mean by your last line to imply that ambiance and/or servce were lacking?

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        Oh, not at all, this was just a general comment towards the attitude that I see very often on this board to care more those aspects than food.