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Jun 7, 2007 11:55 PM

(Korea) Jongro bites

Soft yet hard. It's when you bite into a ssam of oyster and bossam.
Bossam is Korean word for a bundle. You wrap the oyster and sliced meat in a lettuce often with kimchi and ssamjang(sauce for these type of food) and eat it up in one bite.
It has to be my favorite Korean delight.

Jongro has the best Gul(oyster)Bossam places.
Jongro 3Ga station, exit # 15 into narrow endless streets and you will find the whole little town full of GulBossam diners.

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  1. Never learnt to like the oysters one but the ones with a big fat piece of pork are great! Where should one go for those?

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      Well, you could have it in Jongro by ordering it without the oysters because the meat in the Gulbossam is the same big fat piece of pork OR find your way to JangChung-dong, the famous jokbal street. Get off at Dongdae-ipgu, exit #2 or 3!

    2. Thanks for this tip and the the oyster fried or raw or what?

      Your tips come at a great time because i've been in Seoul one week w/ two more to go,
      and i have to confess that i'm having an awful time culinarily. Will post more about that