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Jun 7, 2007 11:20 PM

Great Burger

So I made a huge mistake and read the Texas Chowhound board regarding the best burgers in Texas. I've tried many of them as I've lived in all of our major cities. Now I'm dying for a great burger that suits my taste.

Lucy's Boatyard was a favorite. It was juicy and flavorful with tons of lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and goeey cheese... as I like it, add a few jalepenos. To be honest, I can get past a dry patty if all of the other flavors are there ... unless it's made on my grill (it must then be moist, medium-rare and able to stand alone).

I want a burger tomorrow that will hit the spot... can anyone tell me where I might find that northwest of town. I had the burger at Casino el Camino once, during Pecan Street Festival, and it came nowhere close to the descriptions I've read here. Of course, I attribute that to my poor timing and the crowd.

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  1. The charbroiled burger at Artz Rib House on S. Lamar is one the best in town, if not the best. Order it on the rare side of medium and it will arrive juicy, with a just right combination of fixings. Bon appetit! I've had the Casino el Camino's and was underwhelmed, probably due to the fact that it is too big and cannot be cooked without drying it out.

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      top notch on burnet road just south of anderson. made on an indoor charcoal grill.

      1. re: sbhlaw

        I loved Lucy's boatyard and was disappointed they couldn't make it. seems like that location is doomed.

        Anyone know what it's going to be next? It may already be open, I haven't been in that part of town in a long time.

        I still think Hut's has the best burgers and onion rings.

        1. re: amykragan

          I love Lucy's as well. Fortunately, it is coming back. Originally it was supposed to be this spring, but according to their website it will be later this year. I agree that the burgers are tasty, and I love the green chili cheese fries, significantly better than Shady Grove.

          1. re: Lola_Tx

            Hey, Lola!

            I thought they were completely changing the concept... and I can't find info on their website other than the delayed opening.

            Agreed on the green chili cheese fries, with the burger and a draft beer or two... a wonderful Sunday afternoon!!!

            Please, do tell if you have additonal info.



        2. re: sbhlaw

          I'm not sure that it is charcoal, but I think that it is a gas grill. I'll look closer next time I'm in there.

          1. re: rudeboy

            Top Notch is definitely charcoal, or at least was last time I was there. The bag was sitting out and everything. Quality burgers and fries.

            A little further northwest is Gabbi's Burgers and Dogs at Burnet and Gracy Farms Lane. They make thick, flower-shaped burgers, fried on a griddle. I didn't order the cheese, but they are generous with the lettuce, pickles, onions, and tomato. The bun is very similar to the one used on the burgers at Z'Tejas, but I enjoyed Gabbi's burger more. Their onion rings were a pleasure to eat, probably due to the skill of the fryer. There may not have been enough onion flavor, but the batter was good enough that I finished the order without resorting to ketchup. I first heard of the place thanks to Ken W. ( ).

            For what it's worth I'd avoid Hut's even if I were in that part of town.

            1. re: Knoblauch

              My curiosity got the better of me - I called and asked. You are correct, sir! I was going to repost, and then I saw your post before I could reply.

              Any place that uses real fire is a winner in my book. Knowing that, I will go to Top Notch immediately. I just went to Weatherford TX on a work trip and had a really good steak that was adverstised as "mesquite smoked." Wheeled right in and had an awesome ribeye drenched decadently in butter. It's called the Mesquite Pit if you are ever in that area.

              Hut's has good catfish and onion rings. Avoid the burgers.

          2. re: sbhlaw

            I haven't had a good burger at Top Notch since the owners turned the place over to their grandchildren. So sad, it was one of the best, and right down the street, I could get there on my scoot.

        3. I agree about Artz Rib House - best burger I've had in town in many years! But there aren't any fries there - just chips, potato salad or other bbq sides. I didn't miss the fries at all and the cheddar was very good.

          1. i enjoy the burgers at both Dirty Martin's (on the drag) and Nau's Drugstore off Enfield (near MoPac).

            There's also a little place called Ski Shores right on Lake Austin that has a good one called the "Border Burger".

            Nuthin' fancy...... just delicious.

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            1. re: bloody hammer

              top notch is definitely charcoal. the first time i went there i saw the cook pour a huge bag of kingsford into the pit as i walked in. i knew i had found my place. i think charcoal grilling makes all the difference.

              my only complaint is that they don't melt the cheese on the burger as it is grilling, they put it on to the burger as they pull it off the grill and onto the bun. i like the cheese to be molten on the burger. when i ask the folks at top notch to melt it on the grill i sometimes get a dirty look. its worth it though.

              martin's used to be one of my favorites before they cleaned the grill and the city came down on them and made them start using preformed patties instead of a hunk of meat thrown on the grill from a box in the fridge by the cook like they used to.

              fran's is one of the best burgers i've ever had that's not off a charcoal grill. double meat double cheese is insane. perfect meat/cheese ratio. its one of the few burgers that is just as good with meat, bread and cheese as it is with vegetables and/or condiments.

              1. re: sbhlaw

                I bet that Top Notch doesn't like to get the grill all messy with cheese. Also, they put a generous amount of salt on the can ask them to hold the salt, because sometimes, it is too much.

              2. re: bloody hammer

                I am a huge fan of Ski Shores, and always jump at the chance when I am out in the 360/2222 area. Those are darn good burgers. I wasn;t all thAT impressed with Naus, and prefer Dirty's burgers for the drugstore style greasy spoon burger. Houston's still has one of the best burgers I have had in the city, but thats because you can order it medium rare. There is also a place called Bam's Roadhouse grill out in Lago Vista that serves stuffed hamburgers. Patties stuffed with your choice of blue cheese and red onions or hatch green chillies, bacon and cheddar, and then hickory smoked. Bam's burgers are tasty and definitely not your ususal burger, although it is off the beaten path.

              3. Being a sucker for a good hamburger, I couldn't resist the sign today at Hills Cafe on S. Congress which stated that their hamburger was the best in Austin according to the Statesman. Well, it would have been close if not for the bun which was a bit hard in the microwaved sort of way although it was obvious that it had been slightly toasted on a griddle. But the 1/2 lb. burger itself was delicious and juicy, charbroiled, and a perfect medium rare, as ordered ($7.99, including home style fries, which I substituted for mediocre onion rings for an additional 99 cents). The fixings were standard, the service not bad at all. Artz still rules!

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                1. re: avi

                  That's disappointing. I've always liked the Hills Cafe burgers because they're served on fresh, non-toasted buns. Hopefully it was just an off day. The same burger is served at The Tavern on 12th and Lamar (same owners).

                2. Rene has already tried it, but I’ll recommend to other ‘hounds the “Poodie burger” with green chiles and lost of melted Monterrey-jack cheese at Poodie’s Hilltop Cafe in Spicewood. I loved it.

                  Here are links to some older threads that discuss local burgers:




                  Top Notch is my favorite ( ), of the thin, charcoal-flame-grilled burgers sold at independent drive-in or drive-through joints. The meat tastes good—I admit that I like salt—and the buns are perfectly toasted. They do a fine job with fries and shakes, too. To me, the plain hamburger at Artz is just “pretty good” (for details see: ). I’d certainly order a cheeseburger rather than their barbecue, though, on any return visits. I still want to try the burger with duck drippings, described by scrumptiouschef, that is served on weekends at the Four Seasons ( ).

                  I finally tried the plain hamburger and the hickory burger at Dan’s Hamburgers. Because their burgers tasted like they were made with cheap, flavorless, pre-shaped, frozen patties, the hickory burger might be a better choice, if you can stand sweet barbecue sauce. I believe their burgers are griddled. The restaurant had run out of onion rings on both of my visits, which makes me wonder if their rings are truly delicious or just better than their so-so regular fries. The chocolate shake that I had was just average. Personally, I don’t understand the appeal of the burgers at Nau’s. It’s a trip down Nostalgia Lane, and the cost is low, but their burgers just aren’t very good ( ). I feel the same way about the ones at Sandy’s, for that matter, but at least there you can get a decent frozen custard. Like nkurz and Nab, I like the relatively expensive skin-on fries and rich chocolate shakes, but not the burgers, at P. Terry's ( ).

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                  1. re: MPH

                    Has Casino just been off their game lately, or was there some sort of turnover in the kitchen? Last two times I've eaten there, the burger has been dryed out -- a greyish, sad, grueling affair that I trudged through mostly out of nostalgia.

                    1. re: tom in austin

                      I had a similar experience. I raved to all my friends about Casino El Camino and was horrified the next time I visited and was met with an overcooked patty. They were my shining example of the perfect burger... I hope someone is just taking a vacation from the kitchen and will be back very soon.

                    2. re: MPH

                      55 MPH - I'm so curious about that name. Of course, I think of Sammy Hagar...

                      Anyway, a group of five decided to try Artz yesterday. Ach... the AC was out (and has been for about a week) and we were seated in the only five top in the place. I asked the gentleman who seated us if we could perhaps be re-seated near a ceileing fan or something... Not only did he put together the tables under the largest ceiling fan, he pointed a rather high powered shop fan our way. Very decent... I didn't suffer the heat at all nor did any in our party.

                      I'm pretty cautious when I hear the terms best, awesome, amazing, etc. as I 've allowed myself to be disapointed many times. I brought my crew simply expecting good.

                      WINNER!!! For the burger, anyway. We walked in and the place smelled of smoked meat (as we all did the rest of the afternoon). Of course, one had to order a BBQ sandwich and wasn't unhappy... I tasted their BBQ sauce, which was thin and vinegary and to my liking.

                      On to the burgers... really good. I think they get a ton of flavor from the grill. The tomatoes were incredibly fresh and flavorful, the cheddar was substantial. I did not order jalepenos this time as I really wanted to understand this burger. It was tastey, fresh toppings, not too large - just about right. I like it and will go again without hesitation.

                      We all ordered different side items and I think the Lays potoato chips were the faves. The others were mediocre.

                      Thanks so much for the advice!!!!


                      1. re: Rene

                        I'm a big fan of ARTZ, especially the 'burgers and baby back ribs (NOT the giant beef ribs). But it seems that the place has physically deteriorated lately, though - unrepaired chairs, bad ceilings, and now no A/C. I know that ARTZ is a labor of love for its owner and have always assumed that it is not a gold mine. It deserves our support.