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Jun 7, 2007 09:58 PM

La Boule Rouge & Wally Le Saharien in Paris

I'm looking forward to trying some North African cuisine on my next trip to Paris at one of these places. Has anyone been to either of these places? What did you think?

From what I understand, La Boule Rouge is a Jewish Tunisian place, and Wally Le Saharien is an Algerian restaurant. The review I read said that Wally Le Saharien only serves a set menu at dinner. For those of you that have been there what was on the set menu at dinner? At lunch, do they have a normal menu or is it only a set menu as well?

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  1. Wally le saharien: Only set menu at lunch and dinner, but there is short one for lunch. It doesn't change much: three first courses (one at lunch) and a couscous. Usually a mildly hot soup, a pastilla (pigeon usually), a fish. The couscous is specifically Saharian, without stock or vegetables (except for a few peas here and there), roasted merguez (spicy sausage) and lamb shoulder (crispy outside, melty inside, naturally sweet). To my taste, one of the best foodds you can have in Paris. Recommended without restriction. Wally also has a simpler, cheaper place in the 11th or 20th. Haven't been.

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      Is Wally's other place "Village Kabyle"? Does that place only have a set menu as well?