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Jun 7, 2007 09:52 PM

café in Westwood (where one can study) for Friday evening

Hi. I'm a teacher who needs to meet with several students tomorrow evening in Westwood. Usually I meet with my students at the Novel (decent, not too expensive food offerings), but I think they encourage people who are studying to be in the downstairs, which is quite small (the outdoors seating might be cold). Given that UCLA has finals, I'm worried that it will be a madhouse. (Good places to talk and study on the UCLA campus close early Friday evenings.)

I've also met with students at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Westwood at Ohio -- they have lots of outdoor seating, some seating in a plastic-enclosed area, and a total of three little tables inside. And they are very popular.

Does anyone know of some other cafés in Westwood which are relatively inexpensive, which allow studying, and which have a fair amount of indoor seating?


P.S. My favorite studying café is the Santa Monica Novel -- haven't been there in awhile, as I live across town -- the last time I went there, they didn't have the flan which I used to love...

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  1. I would probably head to the Border's Cafe and hope it's not too crowded. There are also tables scattered throughout the bookstore, but no food allowed there. Not exactly gourmet, but if you get a pot of tea for a few dollars you can get refills of hot water and brew enough for two or three.

    1. How about Jerry's Deli?

      1. Mary and Robb's at Westwood and Ohio is pretty quietl

        1. Thanks for the responses so far! I had never heard of Mary and Robb's. Just to clarify, I'm looking for an inexpensive coffee, tea, and snacks place rather than for a serious eating place. I fear that Jerry's Deli may be a little out of my league and that of my students.. Borders is a great idea, especially because it's open fairly late, though like everything else, it will probably be packed with UCLA students studying for finals.

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            You could venture a little further south to the new Barnes & Nobles attached to Westside Pavilion. I haven't been, so I don't know what the set up is like but I assume there's a Seattle's Best branch inside. It will probably be crowded, but maybe not as much as the Border's, which is closer?

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              Mary and Robb's is a nice coffee shop; nothing fancy, but some simple, honest food. It;s directly across the street on Westwood boulevard, on the same side of the street as Bristol Farms (just across Ohio). It's been there forever. There are a few parking spaces in the back of the restaurant. I often stop by and sit at the counter for a reasonably priced sandwich or salad. Think it would fill your needs quite nicely.