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Jun 7, 2007 09:23 PM

Cooking with Spelt Flour

I am interested in cooking with spelt flour and wonder if anyone has baked with it. I saw an article where it said to cut down on the amount of spelt flour vs regular flour, because it is heavier. Has anyone baked with it and what results have you had. Any suggestions on the ration? Thanks

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  1. I've baked with spelt-I usually use half spelt, half wheat flour.
    But I've used all spelt for a banana spelt muffin, topped with spelt flakes for instance.
    I've also made cookies with half spelt and half kamut flour as well, with good results! The cookies didn't suffer any ' heavy' effects! :) (btw, they were gingerbread cookies)

    1. I bake with spelt flour all the time. Spelt comes in whole and white just like white wheat flour and whole wheat flour. So if you're using white spelt flour, it is actually lighter than wheat flour and I add and extra 1/4 cup of flour for every cup of flour. Because spelt has less gluten than wheat, it will not rise as well as wheat so I find the extra 1/4 cup of flour helps it maintain the cakes shape and texture. I don't use the whole spelt as often so I would probably substitute it in equal amounts since it is as heavy as regular flour.

      1. I know I'm like four years late to the party, but I just made a banana bread this evening with whole spelt flour and it came out fantastically. I used the same amount as the recipe called for white flour, and as another poster mentioned, it didn't rise as much as white flour would, but the taste and texture were really good. I am definitely using spelt from now on...