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Jun 7, 2007 09:02 PM

Big Apple BBQ fest this weekend--suggestions?

The title kind of says it all--I don't know if these are the same folks as last time. In either case, any thoughts/suggestions?

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  1. The list of pitmasters -- and other info -- is on the Big Apple BBQ website:

    Here's a very recent thread of Hound opinions:

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    1. re: RGR

      ive gone the past few years...gets bigger and better...last year was so freaking hot too.

    2. The absolute must-try, worth-the-hour-in-line are Mitchell's BBQ, 17th Street Bar & Grill and Big Bob Gibson's. Others are good, but those are the ones I dream about all year.

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      1. re: smcgill

        Seconding that.

        I've seriously considered a roadtrip to visit Mitchell's in NC before. And those 17th Street baby back ribs are amazing.

        1. re: kathryn

          Third 17th Street and Big Bob Gibson's. However, just know that they are also the MOST popular booths so the lines are insanely long. If you have friends with you you should split up and wait in different lines.

          I actually bought the BBQ sauce and rub spice from 17th St and Big Bob respectively. They are available at the merchandise booths.

          1. re: kathryn

            You'd best get your Mitchell's 'cue here in NYC because, sadly, his place in NC closed in 2005. :-(


            1. re: RGR

              Oh no!

              I'll be setting my alarm clock for early then.

        2. My best suggestion is to go Sunday and wait for MOFRO to take the stage. They are without out a doubt my favorite band..soulful as all get out....and probably even better with some fine BBQ in the belly.

          1. The Bubba pass line for 17th St Bar & Grill was very short at 12:00, but by 2:00 had grown to about 1/2 hour...same for Mitchell's. The Bob Gibson line was a little shorter.
            Southside was pretty good, and generous, but I'd still give the nod to Salt Lick, especially the sausage.
            All the NY places are spread out at the top of the park on 26th St...the prime places are along Madison. While on line for my second trip to 17th St, someone from the event walked down the line saying there was no wait at the 26th St spots.
            Didn't get a chance to try the Brunswick stew. The fried pie reminded me of the old McDonald's apple pies, when they still fried them (yes, I admit it)- they were a little small for $4.00--had powdered sugar on them.
            All in all, the new punch pass worked pretty well. Well worth the effort, at least with the pass. Just get there a little before 12:00, line up at the prime spots, and enjoy. If you don't have a pass, good luck.