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Best Macaroni and Cheese

I have a serious craving for some GOOD macaroni and cheese. Does anyone have a favorite? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Cafe Myth has a great one for lunch.

    1. I like the one at Park Chalet on the Great Highway (the one downstairs, not the upstairs Beach Chalet). It comes in an individual ramekin of a generous size and has bits of truffle and pieces of roasted chicken. Service there can be slow, but I usually sit at the bar to avoid waiting too long.

      1. Juice Bar Collective in Berkeley is the best I've had.

        1. I don't know if it's too far away for you, but Underwood in Graton (Sonoma County) has a mouth watering, heavenly mac and cheese. mmmmmmmm

          1. I rather liked the version at Kuletto's off union square......also enjoy Brick's version (sutter and larkin)......Brick's version is not always on the menu however.

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              I enjoy Home's version (Church) a lot..

            2. My two favs have been levende in the mission and nova in SOMA. The levende version is super rich and cheesy, basically a coronary waiting to happen, but still delicious! The Nova version is more like the casserole style mac and cheese with the breadcrumb topping.



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                If you're open to the east bay, Rick and Ann's has a nice homey tasting version of it. It's very rich, but I'd say most mac and cheeses tend to be that way.

              2. Blue Plate! Best I've ever had. I know the place gets mixed reviews here in general but the mac n' cheese is to die for. It's made with about 4 cheeses one of which is drunken goat. Been looking for the recipe for years.

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                  I like this one, too. I also like the mac'n'cheese with spam (!) -- a side on the pork chop plate at Butterfly. The mac'n'cheese ate Presidio Social Club, however, was good in a pasta in white sauce sort of way, but not at all what I would consider a proper mac'n'cheese.

                  Despite all these data points, I should note that I'm not a huge mac'n'cheese fan, but it seems to appear on the table as something to share whenever I'm out with a group.

                2. Nizza La Bella in Albany makes a great mac and cheese.

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                    Believe it or not, Ame. As a side dish to their Kurobota pork chops. Incredible.

                  2. Home on Market St. in SF. They use a nice sharp white cheddar in theirs and it's nice and creamy. And the small bit of perfectly toasted breadcrumbs give it a nice texture contrast. Just heaven.

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                      I only tried it there once, but I found it bland and greasy. I think that was the last time I went to Home, about two years ago. I experienced a gradual downhill slide over several well-spaced visits, and nothing's made me want to go back. Have there been any changes there?

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                        I'm a Home regular. I used to hate their brunch but they do Eggs Benedict second best in the city after Canteen in my experience. I also think they do one of the best burgers in the city, Zuni and Slow Club being my favorites. I used to deride their early-bird special since it always consisted of a plain vinaigrette salad, pre-baked pasta dish and cookie dessert, but last night was very happy with a tortilla soup, ossa buca and hot fudge sundae for $12. I think they're on the mark right now.

                    2. Market Restaurant in St. Helena if you are down for the drive its really really good

                      1. I liked the side of mac and cheese with the brontosaurus (beef bones) at Looney's in
                        Berkeley. Rich and spicy ,not completely traditional. Put your cardiologist on speed dial
                        when you place your order.

                        1. Boonfly in Napa -- incredible, fine mix of cheeses, and a large portion.

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                            The truffled mac 'n' cheese at Press is fantastic.

                          2. A great thread given how many middle to upper tier restaurants in the city are starting to play the Mac 'n Cheese game.

                            I've had many of the dishes below including the Presidio Social Club version and the Park Chalet version, but for my money, it does not get any better than Tablespoon's mac n cheese topped with bread crumbs and packed with apple smoked bacon.

                            People rant and rave about Solstice's mac n cheese but I find it runny and overly gorgonzola'd.

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                              Thanks for the replies everyone! It sounds like I am going to have to go on a mac and cheese adventure....

                            2. Seems to be no shortage for this. My two favs are Q on Clement, and Memphis Minnie's in the Lower Haight, both are simple, no frills but amazing.

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                                Also really enjoy the mac & cheese at Memphis Minnie's.

                              2. the hyatt regency san francisco airport in burlingme has GREAT mac and cheese

                                1. Farmer Brown. Comes as a side dish or with the fried chicken (heart attack on a plate, but it sure is good)

                                  1. Had really (really) good mac and cheese at Declancy's Welcome Table in Oakland the other day. Cooked to order, it took its sweet time getting to the table, but it was the best in memory.


                                    1. Le Petit Robert on Polk has a great one as well - cheesy, baked, nicely toasted on top.

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