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Jun 7, 2007 08:56 PM

Local Flavor in Vero Beach

My family and I will be vacationing in Vero Beach later this summer and are looking for some recommendations for some good local restaurants.

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  1. oooh, finally I can help someone, I read about other FL spots for when I am out of Vero! love Bob's Orlando knowledge, thanks!

    We have a bunch or good eats here in small Vero: are you looking for fancy, family, cheap??
    Fancy: Ocean Grill - always voted tops in FL, right on the ocean
    Carmel's - in a strip mall, sooo beautiful inside and great food, great wine list and bar.
    above average: TiAmo Sempre, a different kind of Italian, unique items - kid friendly
    French Quarter, new, NewOrleans inspired, from a chef who's done a few popular restaurants in the area, noteably Ian's (good seafood)
    Lemon Tree - love it, great breakfast, great lunch, great dinner! on the beachside but not on the water. kid friendly
    accross the street is Waldo's in the Driftwood resort, I only get the huge salads for lunch, lots of fried fare, not the greatest food but a great place to have drinks and watch the waves. kid friendly
    cheap: best burger is Casey's, outdoor seating, lunch only
    Seaside Grill in Jaycee Park, in and outside eating at the beach, breakfast and lunch only

    let me know if you need more, we have a lot of above average and expensive places, as someone with a kid I'm hoping we get more family friendly - non chain! - places soon!
    hope you have a nice visit, I'm sure you'll fall in love with our area and want to move here - seems that's what all of So FL is doing!

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      Thanks so much! Thats great. we will be traveling with the kids so if any more kid friendly places come up please let me more thing...if I could go to just one place...with or without kids. what would you recommend?

      1. re: shoeless0820

        Only one place = Ocean Grill, local landmark, unique, great food, great view, dinner is a bit pricy but lunch is more reasonable (and remember, the ocean is a big black hole at night! so to see the view go in the daytime).
        Almost forgot to mention Polo Grille, great fish and steaks.
        more kid friendly: Undertow, kid friendy surf themed.
        if your kids are a bit older and behaved, you can get away with most places in summertime, but not "in season". Like I said, not counting the chains, family friendly budget and menu wise is scarce.
        Take a drive to Capt. Hirams, 10 miles no in Sebastian. kid friendly, ok food, great location.
        Check the loval Press Journal on Thurs and Fri for restaurant ads and specials.
        have fun, we love summer here, less crowded, and we eat out more often, call places first, but you probably won't need reservations.

        1. re: veroliz

          Great place (but pricey) is Hardwood Grille - on US1 - between Vero and Sebastian - great steaks, port chops and fish - also Scampi Grille in downtown Vero - excellent Italian food - both places best for adults only.

          1. re: veroliz

            ...forgot two other suggestions on 14th Ave downtown Vero - Italian Kitchen - best Pizza in town, right next door is Bodega Blues - Wine, Cheese, Sandwiches - music on Wed, Thu and Fri nites - free beer tasting on Wed. - this is a kid friendly place - small friendly - kids always enjoy the music -

            1. re: apples58

              Met a friend of mine in Vero (she was in Orlando and I am in Boca) for an overnight visit. We stayed at the Holiday Inn on the beach. While waiting for her at the little eatery there I chatted with a bunch of different locals who go there for lunch. Food was good - conch fritters, burgers, that kind of thing and they had a good b-fast.

              1. re: Linda VH

                I agree with apples58 suggestions, and at Scampi, I have successfully taken 2 kids there:)
                the rest. at Holiday Inn is a Mulligan's - chain, I hated it, many locals do as well - sad, because it's a great location right on the water, kid friendly, could be sooo much more, I have had had to suffer through 3 bad meals there......

                remember to check the paper thurs fri sat- lots of specials and coupons now that it's off-season!

      2. I posted this in response to a similar query last year when I still lived in Vero. I've since moved to Georgia (damn hurricanes), but I think the info is still good.

        "I've been in Vero since 1979 when many considered the whole area a "culinary wasteland". While things have definitely improved over time, it still isn't what I call a haven for chowhounds.The "Ocean Grill" is an ok place to bring my visiting northern friends, more for the view than the food. The best thing on the menu, imo, is the duck which has been a featured item for over 30 years. The "Grill" is pricey, the seats with an ocean view are limited and, again imo, you can do a lot better.The "Patio" is popular, especially the Sunday brunch, but nothing special either and the blue-hair factor there is high."Fat Boys" has been around since before my arrival and is a popular place, especially for breakfast, but if you're looking for bbq, believe it or not, the local representative of the "Sonny's" chain is very good. "Fat Boys" is located on US1 a little south of town. "Sonny's" is on Rt. 60 East just west of town."Vincent's" on the Miracle Mile is some folk's vote for Best Pizza and has an excellent choice of all things Italian. "THe Hardwood Grill" on US1 south about 5 miles north of Vero is very good; maybe a bit on the expensive side. If you want a "RoadFood" type experience, "Mrs. B's" on Rt.60 east about 5 miles west of town is a leave-your-cap-on type of place that has good fried chicken, great hamburgers (try the B-burger), and maybe some chicken-fried steak. There's also a Waffle House out that way; if you've never been, you ought to give it a try."Squid Lips" is a popular place right on the Indian River in Sebastian with good seafood and nice happy-hour. Get there early (or late)! Also in that area on the river, is Capt. Hirams; fun place to drink when the band is playing, but the food is nothing special. If you feel like knockin' back a few at a "biker-bar" Earl's Hideaway is just down the street.Like I said, not a food bonanza, but pretty much something for everyone. If I think of any more, I'll be back. Good luck! "

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        1. re: grampart

          IS there still a Fat Boys in Vero?
          I used to love the one by Eau Gallie in Melbourne. Oh man they had the best breakfast -- 3 eggs scrambled w/cheese served over the biggest mountain of absolutely perfect hashbrowns. . .we were so sad to learn it was gone.

          1. re: Covert Ops

            It's still there, alright. I knew a guy in Vero that ate at least 2 meals a day at Fat Boys 5 or 6 times a week for years and, as fas as I know, he's still doing it. Breakfast is very good, burgers "can" be good but, as this review shows, their bbq is suspect.

        2. A short drive north in Brevard county is the Yellow Dog Cafe. Not much to look at from the outside but very good dining:

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            Totally agree! Our last night "out" in Florida last year, before making the move from Vero Beach to NE Georgia, was spent at the YellowDog and a most excellent time was has by all! Go for lunch and save $$$$.

          2. A great hide away in Vero is off Route 60 at 40th Ave. It's called the Clubhouse Bar and Grill. It's a great, local sports bar and restaurant that has excellent food, great prices, full bar and is very family friendly. They have pool tables, darts, bowling, golf, music, tv's all over the place. The service is great and the atmosphere makes anyone comfortable...come in shorts or a tie and you'll fit in! The address is 4000 Atlantic Blvd.

            1. I will be in Vero this weekend and am also looking for a worthy place to eat lunch. I have scanned Cap. Hiram's and Ocean Grill, but wonder if these places are tourist traps. Hiram's has a lot of fried seafood options (yikes) and Ocean Grill doesn't appear to offer fresh fish for lunch, mostly salads and sandwiches. Would the Patio, Hardwood Grill, or this French Quarter be a better option than the above?

              I'd be interested in Fat Boys BBQ if one person on here didn't say that Sonny's is a better option. Too me, Sonny's is never an option.

              Thanks in advance.