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Jun 7, 2007 08:44 PM

Malaysian in Anaheim/N. OC

I found some posts on this topic, but they were all older and didn't mention a specific restaurant I seem to remember on Euclid near the 5. Does anyone happen to know what I'm talking about, the name of the restaurant, and whether it's any good? We have friends from Houston visiting Disneyland who are originally from Malaysia. We took them to Tropika tonight (Read some recent bad reviews on here but everything we had tonight was great and seemed pretty authentic to them). Would like to send them to another place before they leave. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not familiar with OC but if you feel Redondo Beach is within range for you, Belacan Grill is a very respectable Malaysian restaurant.

    Do a word search on Belacan Grill, and you will get numerous hits. Here's the first one listed to get you started. You'll find that mosts comments about Belacan Grill are very positive - a good sign considering that Chowhounders can be pretty discerning...

    1. You may be thinking of K L Malaysian restaurant, on 1st and Newhope in Santa Ana (between Euclid and Harbor). It's not especially near the 5, though. I can't think of a Malaysian place near Euclid and the 5 -- there's 99 Ranch, Ten Ten, 3-6-9, a Filipino grill, a Thai BBQ... in terms of "unusual" food the only thing near there is Dunarea, which is a Rumanian place.

      I haven't been to K L in a long time -- you will need to have your Malaysian friends ask (preferably in Bahasa Melayu) for what they want, because the proprietors run it as a Thai restaurant and assume most people want Thai food. I remember the laksa being delicious.

      K L Malaysian Restaurant
      4421 W. 1st St.
      Santa Ana, CA 92703

      1. Tropika in Tustin is pretty good. 17th and the 55, behind Zov's.