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Jun 7, 2007 08:35 PM

KOI... Worth the hype, or the 2 month wait?!

Who's been there lately, or at all, and is it really worth the hype and the ridiculously long (yes, they told us 2 months!) waiting list?!?

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  1. It's fun and the food is ok, but definitely not worthy of the hype. It's pretty easy to get a weekend reservation with a couple of weeks' notice, I've never heard of the 2 month waiting list before.

    1. Absolutely not. They are insane to tell you two months. Just walk in (make sure you are there prior to 7) and sit in the "first come, first served" lounge area in the front. You can fit up to four people at one of the tables in there. It's truly not worth the hype food-wise, however it's quite the LA "scene," if that's what you are seeking. Go to Empress or Katsu-ya instead...they all have practically the same menu. :)

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        Do you mean the Katsu-ya in Brentwood or Encino?

          1. re: foodieqt

            Isn't Katsuya in Brentwood just as hard to get in as Koi?

            1. re: kealoha

              Neither is hard to get into, you can get a reservation for your party with a couple of weeks' notice.

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                I discussed this with my sister tonight. She goes to Koi with her friends and just went again last week. She mentioned the food was overpriced and mediocre in taste. She also noted that reservations can be made with a week's notice, so I would agree with hrhboo. :)

      2. How large of a party were you planning on having for dinner? Two places that I find has a good balance of scene-and-food are Magnolia on Sunset and also Citizen Smith on Cahuenga.

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          We had a party of 10, and the girl who I spoke with on the phone was very snooty.

        2. I think they were pulling your leg. I've either never had a reservation or made one a day or two in advance. Sitting in the front is better.

          I think the food is tasty - but nothing to rave about. Everything I had was pretty good and I left satisfied. It's a scene place - so the prices are more than the food is worth - but it's a fun place and the food/drinks aren't bad. I don't know if they still have their tuna tartar with crispy wonton - but that was my favorite thing. They also have some unusual cocktails.

          1. Absolutely not worth the hype. It IS a fun place to go to experience the epitome of the Hollywood scene (90% of what you are paying for), and the food is certainly "good", but not as much as it should be for the price. If you wait 2 months for it and expect something amazing you will be sorely disappointed. I suppose that's for a Saturday night or something, or for a large party?

            I'm not saying don't go, but don't let them jerk you around either.