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Jun 7, 2007 08:33 PM

izzy's sub shop (location)

looking for the quickest way to get there. kendall sq T or central sq T? directions? tia

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  1. i think it's closer to the central sq. t stop. the best way is probably to cut through the lots behind the harvest co-op and make your way up norfolk st or columbia st until you hit harvard st. then it's a right on harvard down to izzy's at #169.

    just don't try to go for a late dinner, they close pretty early, i think.

    1. If you're really lazy, you can take the EZRide bus, which passes directly in front of it (get on at Kendall going to Cambridgeport or on Sidney street going toward N Station).


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        Or you could take the 64 or 68 buses, get off at Broadway & Winsor & just walk a block.