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Jun 7, 2007 08:16 PM

Good Options for Dinner / Brunch - Sunnyside

Hi, am looking for dinner / brunch ideas ... am so bored with what I usually do... the Rose for brunch (well, I doubt I'll give that up...), and Mediterraneo, the Rose or White Castle for dinner...

Am on the south side... Anyone tried Pico Rico? Is it any good? What about Foxy's Diner (used to be the Crete)? I think the revamped Sidetracks is opening soon...

My take so far on the hood:

Best brunch: Rose.
Best Burger: Donovans (ok, so it's not in Sunnyside) or Bliss Street Station
Best Thai: None... Sripraphai...
Best Chinese: None (I go to Mr. Wonton out of necessity)
Best Italian: I usually go to Mediterraneo, but I know Marios is supposed to be good. I like to keep it under $10.
Best Mex: I don't go to Mex in the hood... Is Mole really that great? Never went.

Ok, would love to see current input from Sunnysiders and Woodsiders on their favorites so I can upgrade my options - thanks!

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  1. de mole is that good. you should try it!

    i don't really consider rose as a brunch place. it's more of a diner/coffee shop type of place that just happens to serve breakfast all day. it's good breakfast, don't get me wrong, but not brunch for me.

    there aren't too many options for brunch. i guess sidetracks will resume their brunch. the copper kettle on skillman. i'm still not certain if quaint or the new bliss are doing brunch...
    la flor is sorta brunch...but to me, the drinks are essential and i'm pretty sure they don't serve bloody marys, mimosas, etc...

    pj horgans has a good burger, but donovan's is definitely better.

    you should try donatos on 39th avenue and 50th street (or 51st) for old school italian. it's cute in a lady and the tramp sort of way. good italian american style food. and outdoor seating too.

    1. La Flor is a great brunch, and while many menu items prices have increased, breakfast is still decent. De Mole for breakfast is the best deal in town, very cheap. As mentioned on another thread, Sunnyside needs brunch...why would Quaint stop serving brunch? It was decent.

      1. Oh my goodness. Some of the best Turkish places on the east coast. Turkish Grill or Istanbul or Hemsin on the north side of the Blvd. for sitdown. Mangal on the south side for friendly doner and kebabs (get the "home bread" instead of the pita). De Mole is indeed very good. Azteca on Greenpoint is decent for some things and makes a good torta. The taco truck that parks by the 40th St. 7 station is very good, and the guys who work there are great. Nearby is Natural Tofu, which is so much more than that name sounds like. Fine Korean stews, grilled meats, nice array of panchan. I would definitely go here, or to one of the "Japanese" places on the north (which are actually, I believe, Nepali owned) for Asian food before I would go to any of the awful Chinese places in the neighborhood. El Buen Sabor, the Columbian bakery on the north side has good empanadas and some hearty, tasty breakfast/lunch specials at the back counter. Of course there's always Pio Pio Riko for grilled chicken and other Peruvian food. If you sit down there they always give you that nice bowl of cornnuts with your beer. Lots of goodies in Sunnyside.