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Mozzarella, ricotta and other fresh cheeses

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Does anyone know of a great source for fresh cheeses (mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, fromage frais, etc) in Toronto? I'm looking for a farm or store that makes it in-house and sells it fresh the same day.

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  1. I don't think anyone in Toronto makes burrata. I have seen fresh ricotta at Grande Cheese (there are a few locations). They might even have fresh mozzarella, although i have never seen any.

    1. Try International Cheese in the Keele- Dundas area

      1. Montforte Dairy makes fresh hand-pulled mozzarella. You can get it at their stall in the North St. Lawrence Market on Saturdays, but you may have to get there early to score some.

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          I've been looking for this! Thanks gregclow, we've been resorting to imported buffalo mozza...

        2. Grande Cheese has the best and freshest bocconcini that I've tasted - it's the only place we buy it now.

          1. Cheese Boutique has Burrata...Miranda

            1. I heard at one time The Cheese Boutique had burrata but you'd have to mortgage your house for it.

              Royal beef has beautiful ricotta on Saturday morning. Still warm, I'm swooning.

              Grande has great bocconcini / mozzarella. When I call it mozzarella there, they kind of look at me like I'm crazy. Apparently it is bocconcini, no matter what the size. Maybe some Italian chowhound can educate me.

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                Literally translated, I am pretty sure "bocconcini" means little mouthfuls. When we have eaten fresh mozzarella in a caprese salad, it has been called mozzarella. Bocconcini now come in a plethora of small sizes, but if they are fist sized or larger, I consider it mozzarella.

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                  Yes, I thought that was mozzarella too, the fist sized one, but they just shook their heads sadly at me and said "no, it's bocconcini".

                  Anyway, they have a fabulous selection of sizes, from small balls to fist size, and a variety of shapes, balls and braids. And fresh and cheap.