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Jun 7, 2007 07:42 PM

Wilmington, NC dining - lunch - $ - $$$

Hi there,

I will be visiting Wilmington, NC for ten days from Minneapolis and am looking for some dining recommendations:

Any authentic b-b-que places that are must haves?
Any local fish joints?
Any good Southern cooking places?

I also have tickets to a performance at Thalian Hall - any recommendations for food and beverages after the show?

Thank you kindly!

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  1. For BBQ the only places I know of are Jackson's Big Oak on South Kerr Avenue and Causey's Buffet on Oleander. Both are pretty good as far as BBQ goes.
    As far as local fish places?... The more upscale places in town serve local fish better than the places that "say" they serve local fish: Deluxe down town; Catch (same chef as Deluxe, also downtown) but only serves lunch; Mark's on Market (Ogden Area); Dan's Mason Bistro (Masonboro Loop Road); Laterna (South College Road); Opus (Lumina Station); All serve nice seafood. Restaurants downtown after the show: Circa 1922; Deluxe; Chelsea's on Front Street; Caffe Phoenix also on Front Street. These are but a few. Wilmington is blessed with a lot of WONDERFUL restaurants for a city its size.

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      Thanks Ando! I also found some other links to Wilmington restaurants (through your thread) and am looking forward to my family visit!

      1. re: Abacus

        I second the recommendation for Catch. Deluxe ( - where the chef cooks dinner) is considered perhaps the best restaurant in Wilmington, and he brings this same creativity to a place he himself owns for lunch.

        Note that Catch is only open for lunch on weekdays, but it's a "must try" place while you're down there.

      2. re: Ando

        I ditto all of Ando's suggestions, and would add El Guajiro for lunch - it's on Kerr Ave. Authentic Cuban food. My family has been here this week and we had lunch at Catch one day and at El Guajiro yesterday and both were big hits.

      3. Thalian Hall is right downtown. Deluxe, Elijahs, and Circa 1922 are all within walking distance. Catch is too, but, as others have said, it is only open for lunch on weekdays.