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Jun 7, 2007 06:55 PM

Top Chef Ad Extremely Aggravating

I've now had to close that expanding "Top Chef" ad about 12 times within 30 minutes. *Extremely* annoying and aggravating. And sometimes I have to click the "close" button more than once. Please, for the love of God, make it go away so I can continue to be a part of ChowHound without wanting to poke my eyes out. Thank you.

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  1. I second this. It's really horrible.

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      1. re: mariannas

        So irritating that I just quit reading the thread that is covered up. I would have responded to the OP but refuse to waste time closing the SOB. Somebody get a grip, you're losing hounds.

      2. God, I just came here to this board (which I rarely do) to say the same thing. It is one thing to have the ads -- which I know are needed -- but another thing to constantly have the advertisement expand into what you are trying to read just because your mouse inadvertently strays to the right.

        Please, please, Kind Chowhound Management, make it stop!

        1. OK, I'm surely cursing myself here but....

          I never have ads expanding over content on this site and I'm just a plain, ol' Microsoft Explorer viewer both at work and at home.

          There's a chance it's freedom gained from the way I view web sites. In a previous job, they insisted on giving me a 23" monitor because I was loosely affiliated with people that do graphic design. I was getting headaches from the giant screen so I got in the habit of minimizing my windows to a more "normal" size.

          It became a habit I use even now that I'm back to a 19" screen, or on my smaller laptop monitor. All I see as I'm typing this is the box that says "Site Talk", a small maroon outline, and the content of the thread. The ads are off to the side in la la land -- I've essentially cropped them out of my screen.

          Occasionally, I'll come across a site that, when I narrow the window size, they have it set to shrink the CONTENT vs. allowing part of the screen to crop out. I rarely use those sites.

          It takes a little bit of getting used to jockeying around the windows but now that it's habit, I miss about 95% of the ad content on the internet which I think is a pretty good deal.

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          1. re: MSPD

            Yup, I just complained about this myself.

            I posted the following back in October:
            Just a quick note, to be taken for whatever it's worth:

            This site nearly went belly up due to lack of funds a year ago. CNET Networks has taken it over, given us spiffy new software, and we've just enjoyed a year of chow tips thanks to them. I ran it as a labor of love for a decade. CNET, being a public corporation, can't be as civic minded. The moving ads, which are easy to get used to after a couple days, pay the piper so we can continue to keep this service alive.

            CNET hasn't dumbed us down or messed with things. We're still the same Chowhound. So the least we can do is submit ourselves to some marketing. If you disagree, fine, no problem, go ahead and turn off flash or install an ad blocker. But if enough do, there's no profit. And no profit means no Chowhound.

            Picking and choosing sites on which you view ads makes good sense. Hopefully enough folks dig Chowhound enough to make an exception here.

            I thought my reasoning made good sense, and lots of users emailed their agreement. But of course, the more intrusive the ads (and this one is indeed a greater level of intrusion), the less users will put up with in their good-faith effort to support the advertising basis of Chowhound.

            Where to draw that line is a decision every user has to make for themselves. Personally, while I hope this ad goes away soon, it's not quite killing me yet, so I'm not telling my browser to block ads.

            1. re: Jim Leff

              One more the risk of sounding like Henny Youngman*, don't move your mouse toward that side of the page. That helps.

              [* - I went to the doctor and said "Doc, it hurts when I do THIS." He said "Don't do that!"]

              1. re: Jim Leff

                I'm glad you (and another poster) pointed this out. I didn't even realize that's what was triggering the ad to grow, but now I realize that every time I moved my mouse over to the browser scrollbar to scroll through a long message, I was unknowingly triggering the ad to pop out again in the few moments my mouse accidentally touched the ad while going for the scrollbar. (As we say in the Web biz - this is a perfect example of "poor usability".) Anyhow, now I know, so thanks - I guess I'll try to use the arrow or page/up keys to scroll until the ad goes away. :-)