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Jun 7, 2007 06:51 PM

Sonoma- El Dorado Kitchen, girl and fig, La Sallate, Shiso?

My boyfriend and I will be staying at the Inn at Sonoma for 2 nights and need help choosing 2 places for dinner. After extensive research on this site and others as well as reviewing the menus, I've narrowed it down to El Dorado Kitchen, girl and fig, La Sallate, and Shiso. I can't find much on Shiso but what I did find was positive. I would love to have any and all thoughts and experiences on these places.

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  1. I havent tried any of these places yet - but I have been in all in a reconaissance of sorts of the Sonoma dining scene being a recent transplant.

    LaSalette intrigues me the most followed by Shiso.

    La Salette's menu includes a feijoada completa, caldo verde, and an awesome span-port charcuterie and cheese list - I am planning on going here soon.

    There is one dish I am interested in at Shiso - the Tokyo style Pork curry which Is pretty rare up here to come across. I saw a flyer advertising a special to-go bento specifically for farmer market evenings.

    I love the design of the El Dorado kitchen and I have only sat outside near the pool with a drink. Their 'Kitchenette' is opening this week I think.

    I have heard nothing but good things about the girl and the fig - I really like the bar and the cheese nook.

    I apoligize for lack of concrete information. I have however had a great meal at the Nepalese restaurant and nice pastries at the Basque bakery. Rworange reccomended me Sonoma market - and I am so glad she did - it is not to be missed.

    1. Girl & the Fig is great. La Haye should be on your list too. Those are two of the best restaurants in Sonoma. G&F has a more casual atmosphere and is a little bigger with a great bar area if you just want to have a glass of wine and some apps.

      1. I've been to El Dorado Kitchen a few times, and it's quite good, though I don't know if I would choose it as a dinner destination for a two night visit. I haven't been to the others, as I'm so rarely in Sonoma, so I can't say for sure. El Dorado Kitchen is definitely a place to go for cocktails, though, for its dim lighting and hip interior design. A fun place to go with solid New American cuisine by a guy who used to work at the French Laundry. One thing to note is the ever-changing music. On our second visit, we learned that the speakers are connected to the chef's ipod and are on random, so you might like the music one night and not the other. That was the case months ago. Hope you enjoy your stay!

        1. I'll put my plug in for La Salette. Food that is served at El Dorado Kitchen and girl and the fig are so similar to likes of Boulevard and Range and are becoming commonplace. La Salette is truly different in its Portuguese inspirations and great food. Besides, the rolls that are served are truly exceptional. Watch what dishes are served straight from the wood-fired oven, specifically if they are a special of the evening, and order those! You won't be disappointed.

          1. I really like Shiso, we've eaten there 5 or 6 times. Everything's been very fresh and well-prepared. Don't shy away from the cooked small plates, they're as good as the sushi and rolls. Service is very nice, if a little on the casual side. It's a very modern looking room, not at all wine-country in style. There are sake flights, cocktails and a short wine list. And if ginger creme brulee is on the dessert menu you must have it.

            I've been to El Dorado Kitchen once and also liked that a lot. Great cocktails, excellent food and a more urban atmosphere.

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              Thanks for all your input! I really don't think we'll go wrong with any of them, but El Dorado Kitchen seems more like our kind of place than girl and fig, so I think we will do that for one night. Now to just choose between Shiso and LaSallette! I'm leaning toward LaSallete because it seems so different than anything we would have here at home. We go for sushi at least once a week....