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Jun 7, 2007 06:48 PM

San Francisco Wedding Weekend Luncheon?

We're planning a luncheon with 20-30 of our favorite people before running off to City Hall to be married. Price is not really an object, but great food and beautiful setting are musts. I'd also prefer it to be fairly close to City Hall so we don't have to worry about being late.

My research so far has yielded:
- Greens
- Town Hall
- Le Colonial
- Slanted Door
- Butterfly
- Kokkari

Since we're not from SF, I created this map to help orient myself:
Okay, okay, I'm a little bit OCD!

Any thoughts, past experiences (good or bad), ideas...? TIA!

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  1. Some of these places aren't really close to City Hall--most will require several taxis, which could be complicated. Absinthe is very close and relatives of mine had a wedding luncheon there--it's a beautiful belle-epoque style French place. Since price is no object, you could also try Jardiniere, just a couple of blocks from City Hall. Have fun and congrats!

    1. None of those places are particularly close to City Hall, for what that is worth. In addition to the two suggestions of Absinthe and Jardiniere, you could also try Hayes Street Grill. You are blocks from City Hall at all three of those and can easily walk over.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions (and congrats, cafecreme!)! Yeah, after I posted I realized that I was going to sound dumb because those restaurants aren't particularly close to City Hall - all I meant by "fairly close" was in the city, not in Berkeley or Palo Alto or somewhere further-flung. But if it had the added benefit of being walking-distance, that would be great! I'll be checking these out...

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          The reports of lousy food to good food at butterfly are maybe 9 out of 10 bad ... add to that crummy service ... there is a view though. Slanted Door has a great view and good food but if the wedding is on Saturday it will be mobbed ... I'm assuming Friday because city hall isn't open on Saturday?

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            Yes, Friday. They have a private room that seats 20 - that's what I was thinking of. But even on a Friday it would still probably be pretty crazy?

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              Nope. There's the Farmer's Market on Saturday Morning so more people concentrated there. Hope your report back about where you decide to go. It helps the next person making a group dining decision.

        2. Wouldn't it be easier to get married first and then have a lovely celebratory lunch?
          I've heard that the food at Le Colonial is not that great although the atmosphere and beverages are superb.

          And congratulations!

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            We're debating the sequence - my fiance agrees with you! Thanks for the congrats!

          2. We went to a wedding rehearsal luncheon at the end of April on a Friday afternoon at Greens’ private dining room. It was great. The room looked lovely and has the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge view. Only the groom is a vegetarian but everyone seemed to love the meal, even those I didn’t expect to. The chef decided on the menu during the week of the lunch when she knew what was available. The restaurant printed a beautiful keepsake menu.

            The menu:
            Soup – Tomato lentil and spring garlic soup (This was so delicious – my favorite dish.)
            Entrée –
            Mesquite Grilled Brochettes with mushrooms, German butterball potatoes, other veggies and marinated tofu with charmoula. Served with pistachio-cherry pearl couscous.
            Or Mexican Mexcla consisting or Rancho Gordo heirloom beans with chilies, guacamole with tortilla chips and salsa, cheese quesadilla with grilled onion and poblano chilies, and citrus jicama salad
            Or Fresh Mozzarella sandwich on Acme pain de mie roll with sautéed rainbow chard, peppers and onions and basil mayonnaise. Served with Russian banana potatoes and green beans.
            Dessert - poached pear with chocolate mousse and Michigan cherries.
            The soup, dessert, and brochette were vegan (vegan dishes for each course were requested).Wine, beer and nonalcoholic beverages were also great.

            The room size would be appropriate for your group. The restaurant is not very close to city hall, but you could arrange transportation if you needed to (a van maybe). The one problem was getting people at the restaurant to timely call back, but they really pulled it together at the end.

            From your list, I’d also suggest Kokkari but the setting wouldn't be as beautiful. Jardinere was suggested, but I don’t think it is open for lunch.

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              Wow, thank you so much for all that detail! My fiance & I are headed to Green's this morning for brunch and will be meeting with their event coordinator Ashley (who called me back quickly the first time at least!) and checking out the private room. I'm so glad you had such a positive experience there - it seems like a lot of hounds haven't. Will report back!