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Jun 7, 2007 06:39 PM

Cabbagetown Patio?

I intend to make the pilgrimage from Leslieville to Cabbagetown on Sunday for some lunch and adult refreshments. Any outdoor options/patios? Dying to visit HoP but do they have outdoors?

(PS, Our gentrified yuppie neighbourhood kicks your gentrified yuppie neighbourhood's A$$!)

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  1. Yep HoP has a patio, but its alllways packed so you might have to wait for a table dependign on what time you go

    1. Was at HoP last Sunday for lunch and there was plenty of space on the patio. Possibly the worst service I've experienced in a long time (completely--and I mean completely--ignored after food was served, to the point of sucking on ice cubes for the water and begging for the bill. The regular beside us had 3 beer delivered in 6 minutes, so I think the trick is to become a regular), but the pulled pork sandwich was as delicious as advertised.

      1. The Ben Wicks also has a (subterranean - yeah, I know, a strange configuration) patio. The food there had been terrible for years, but has improved immensely, both in terms of quality and selection. Worth a shot.

        1. Margarita's (Mexican) on the south side of Carlton just west of Parliament is okay. Better is Piccolo (Italian) across the street. Then there's Provence (French) on Amelia St. Chapter 11 at 557 Parliament between Carlton & Wellesley has very good pub grub. They used to open for lunch on weekends, but I'm not sure if they're still doing so. I understand Bistro Aubergine has a patio, but have not been yet. HoP's day seems to have come and gone. Bring back the old chef!!!

          Yes you can now patio hop in Cabbagetown.

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            "The old chef", is still there. He has reduced his hours, I think. I disagree that HoP's day has come and gone, though, I admit, that if it's really busy (especially in summer, when the kitchen is under greater pressure because of the increased seating capacity), I'm less likely to eat. Like a lot of smaller places, it easily becomes a victim of its success.

            Interesting to note that when NOW did its summer patio supplement a few weeks ago, not a single Cabbagetown patio was mentioned. I thought that a gross oversight, but was a little bit relieved.

              1. re: hungry_pangolin

                She is Joan Olsen and the reason for HoP's rep. She left in 2006 and so did all the good reviews.

                1. re: Googs

                  I disagree. Joan is a fine chef, no quibble there (now gone to one of the yacht clubs, BTW), but Joan wasn't "the old chef" - she was there for about two years. Milan has been there for many years (on and off) and is the one responsible for raising the standard, and certainly for setting the tone. Good reviews pre-dated and post-dated Joan, and the pub's rep pre-dated her arrival. They've had the unusual good fortune over the years to have a number of good people in the kitchen, and if there is a change, it tends to be more in personal style. Again - no slagging Joan, at all. You've just got the history wrong.

            1. I had dinner last night on Chapter 11's patio--it's a lovely spot. It's a quiet back patio, with large trees overhead, so it was cool and shady as the sun went down. I has a salad with grilled salmon that was simple, but very nice--the salmon had a great smokey taste from the grill-- and great sweet potato fries, and my honey had the fish and chips, which were also quite good, if somewhat untraditionally made with salmon, not halibut. Dinner for the two of us, with three pints of microbrew and a tip was $60. We'll definitely be going back to hang out on hot days.

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              1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

                Chapter 11's weekend brunch returns at the end of June says the woman who co-owns it. I highly rec the Eggs Corruption.

                1. re: Googs

                  What an enticing name... what are Eggs Corruption?

                  1. re: hungry_pangolin

                    It's been a year since I had it so I'm a little fuzzy on details, but strongly recollect enjoying it a great deal. Essentially it's a mash of various Eggs Benedict styles. Very softly poached eggs, a tangy hollandaise, English muffin, peameal, spinach, and I believe chopped tomatoes & onions. (They skipped tossing in the salmon which is probably a good thing. Saves it for their fish & chips.) It sounds too busy on paper, but great in the mouth.