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Jun 7, 2007 06:29 PM

Help: Where to find 7D Dried Mangoes near Santa Monica?

I love mango candies, mango shakes, mango ice cream, mango chutneys, etc.

Recently, while in Hawaii, I stumbled across the 7D brand of dried mangoes from the Phillipines. These were absolutely fantastic. They were unsulphured and as far as I remember, did not contain any added sugar. This is a link to the Hawaiian distributor:

I've dried all the dried mangoes at Trader Joes. Most are unremarkable -- either too chewy, too sulphured or lacking in flavor. The ones at the local Mexican markets seem to me to be of inferior quality.

The 7D product was exceptional. Flavorful. Nice and chewy. I'd like to buy 7D nearby to me in Santa Monica.

Has anyone seen them at a local Hawaiian, Filipino or Asian Market?


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  1. i guess if you like them that much, you might as well just order the 10-pack of 3.5-oz bags from the distributor. sounds like a lot, but it's only a little over 2 pounds.

    alternatively, why don't you call the 800-number on their web site and ask them if they have any mainland distributors/retailers?

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      I'll may end up resorting to that.

      But I was hoping for some instant gratification.

    2. It states that they are available at the 99 Ranch Markets which there are several in S. CA. Not sure where you live. Also, there is an ABC store near Disneyland. I haven't looked for these products myself, but it appears that you may have some choices out here.

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        I didn't notice the Ranch 99 location on the site. Thanks!

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          it just dawned on me that if you weren't able to track down your preferred brand, you should see if the offerings at cooportunity in santa monica will satisfy your cravings. they have some of the best bulk dried fruit around.

      2. don't know if this will fit the bill, but Costco sells a big bag of dried mangos (philippine mango brand), but i don't know if they are unsulphured or if sugar is added. i've also had the 7d brand when family has brought it for us and those are good too. good luck!

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        1. re: travelerz

          the stuff at costco is heavily sugared.
          dunno about the sulfur.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I got some from an ABC store in Hawaii to eat on the plane ride home, and I'm crazy about them too! Brought the empty package from the plane with me so I could find out where to buy them here!. The ones I've had here, from Tader Joe's etc. can't compare.
            Thanks for the tip about Ranch 99 stocking them!