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Jun 7, 2007 06:14 PM

West bay gourmet catering?

Has anyone ever had West Bay Gourmet catering in Southern RI before? I may pursue their catering but I haven't found any reviews or other people who have worked with them. Recommendations of other caterers are also appreciated (its for a wedding at the Narragansett Towers). Thanks!

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  1. West Bay does a great job! They do alot of functions at the Towers too. Blackstone Caterers (out of Newport) is wonderful they also do many functions there...the service and food is exceptional. Good Luck! The Towers is a beautiful spot to have a wedding.

    1. West Bay did our wedding at the Towers. They did a fantastic job! The food was wonderful and they were very flexible about menu etc. I also found their prices to be very reasonable.

      1. I was not happy at all with the service and food, we used them for our wedding, and are very unhappy. Understaffed, poor service, food was very much not what we sampled at our tasting. They are more affordable than other caterer's in the area, but it is worth paying someone else a bit more to get it right. It is like the difference between chain restaurant and a gourmet dining establishment. Even thogh it has gourmet in it's name, the food is more "chain restaurant" which is fine for everyday, but not a wedding or special event.

        1. I used West Bay Gourmet for both my wedding and the brunch we had afterwards (wedding was 181, brunch for 100) KC was amazing. We are from out of state so a lot of planning was done via email. She got all the tents, portapotties and everything in place before we even got into Narragansett. The food was great and she made a destination wedding really easy!

          1. We used West Bay Gourmet for our wedding at Kinney Bungalow in July and had a great experience. K.C. was very courteous and conscientious when it came to our (my wifes) worries about the big day. The food was great, and Donna? (site manager) was very attentive throughout the evening. The servers were helpful and polite, and Dave the bartender was awesome making great drinks all night (request him!). Overall a memorable experience. - JR