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Jun 7, 2007 06:10 PM

BBQ in Pinellas County

Buffy's Southern Pit BBQ

This is a place that never comes up when BBQ is mentioned here yet they state: “Our Hickory Smoked Ribs, Chicken, Pork & Beef will melt in your mouth. A cut above the rest!” Any comments on their BBQ? Good or bad? I do know that there is a smoker in the back parking lot. Check the link below.

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  1. I haven't been for a few years . . . and things could have changed. I doubt it.

    With that said . . . their Q is good if you are in pinch. Nothing to go gaga over.

    I still want to try Brady's backyard BBQ in Safety Harbor.

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    1. re: Little T.

      I tried Brady's once for lunch and was very unimpressed. No better than Sonny's and we all know how good that is.

      1. re: Little T.

        Just tried Brady's in their new location and was surprised at how delicious it was. I cleaned the chicken off the bone from my meal (a true feat for me) and enjoyed the brisket as well. The server (who I think might have been an owner) was efficient without making us feel rushed or in the way and friendly without being overbearing. I was very impressed.

          1. re: RibDog

            Brady's Backyard BBQ
            340 Main Street
            Safety Harbor, FL 34695
            Phone: 727-712-3727

            1. re: TampaAurora

              That's good that they moved on to Main St. Their previous location did not lend itself to being discovered too well.

              1. re: RibDog

                Trust me, they were discovered! When I went, there was a wait. Sorry I can't tell you about their ribs, Ribdog but we don't eat pork. You'll have to test it foor yourself.

                1. re: TampaAurora

                  I went to Brady's twice after they made the move to mainstreet and was not impressed. They, like most barbecue i've found in the south, focus solely on meat and put out turd quality side dishes. It's really sad. The ribs were ok...the sauces were pretty good. Ribs needed to be more cooked, less fat.

                  I am still waiting for a barbecue joint in the area that understands the value of complimentary food.

              2. re: TampaAurora

                Recently after reading an article in the St. Pete Times about Brady's and that he uses the same custom smoker I have, (I cook in completions) my daughter and I went to try it one evening. When we walked in my senses came alive to the sweet smell of BBQ smoke, the place was clean, great music, and with about a dozen small picnic tables for seating. It was not busy, only a few poeple.

                They were out of brisket, so I ordered a two meat plate of ribs and pulled pork, with black eye beans and collard greens, and two sweet teas. Our order came up fast and nicely presented.

                Let's start on the sides, the beans were undercooked, and the collard greens we overcooked, our canned. Next the pulled pork, while it was not dry like shoe string potatoes, it was like eating an average turkey that is dry, but the ice tea was good and I was able to get it down my throat.

                Now I understand pork that was beheld, but the pile had hot and very cold spots, so it tells me they took a measured portion out of the refrigerator and popped it in the microwave. Now for those nice looking ribs, they were cook perfectly from a technical point, it had a nice chew, the meat pulled off the bone clean with each bite, and "fall off the bone" ribs are just overcooked ribs. However, they we just like other commercial barbecue places... bland. This is why so many places talk about their sauces and not the meat. When you leave a restaurant talking about the sauce and not the meat, something is wrong.
                Our bill the two-meat build your own meal, with two sides and a two ice tea's were $19.68, which I think is a little high. The service was average and pleasant, bit our server hung out at the bar with another employee most of the time after serving us.

                While not outstanding, it was average and a nice clean place with good ice tea. I will give it a second try, and perhaps it will be better.


                1. re: Eco Ming

                  I also went to Brady's for the first time a couple of months ago, and after looking over the menu, I sadly concluded that it was going to cost way too much for me to get a sampler plate with a few meats and sides so I went with the special they advertised on the board outside---- 10 smoked wings for $6.95...

                  I told my waitress I'd maybe order brisket if I could get a small taste, and she refused... I was shocked again...

                  She said 'we don't do tastes of meat'...
                  I was about ready to say; "you didn't hear me--- I said I'd like to taste the brisket' but I needed her to bring my stupid wings still...

                  I also ordered a side of Collards for $2.95...
                  I was waiting to see this bowl of love I was going to get for $2.95, thinking 'they're really proud of their collards', but it ended up being that little portion you see in the photo above...

                  They were unseasoned chopped greens in a pool of hot tapwater...
                  They would have been better in any hospital cafeteria in the country!
                  No salt, nothin'...
                  I took two bites and left the rest...
                  Heck, I just realized I made them tonight and they were delicious!

                  I told her afterwards that it was an awful tiny amount of such a cheap product to be so expensive and so utterly flavorless, but she couldn't care less...

                  The wings were gorgeous...
                  A small pile of huge smoked roaster wings, shiny and fresh, which is a treat at a Q place, where often you get stuff that was cooked hours earlier
                  (like today at Jazzy's)...

                  ----- but these beautiful wings tasted and smelled of intense smoke and literally nothing else...
                  They were nauseating... Like doing shots of Liquid Smoke...
                  I sprinkled salt and pepper on them and got 'em down...

                  It was a shame...
                  Deflating, after intending to walk in there to see what they do...

                  I recently told myself I wasn't gonna comment negatively on a restaurant experience after only one visit, but if it was only a food issue I might give them another shot...

                  Not only could I not taste love, they didn't even want to be friends...

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          1. I'm a freak for BBQ, will even eat at Sonny's if there is nothing better in the area. Buffy's was the first BBQ I left with meat left on my plate and not because the platter was generous. would eat at sonny's before Buffy's

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              1. Believe it or not, Wildwood BBQ and Burger in St Pete Beach is really good. It's at the Postcard Inn (used to be the travelodge, I think).

                Anything with their bbq brisket in it is a winner. They have lots of different style ribs - I tried their memphis-style ribs and they were delicious. We definitely like the place.

                Wildwood BBQ and Burger
                6300 Gulf Blvd., Saint Pete Beach, FL 33706

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                1. re: pie girl

                  Tried it this evening, got the 3 little pigs platter, there were 4 or 5 ribs, a mound of pulled pork, and 4 slices of double cut bacon, and two small sides, got the chili and the brussels sprouts. the ribs were flavorful, the dry rub didn't overpower the meat, not fall off the bone but a good texture, I used some of their chipotle bbq sauce on them and it really added a nice flavor. the pulled pork had big chunks of pork, not dried out but firm enough to have some texture, seasoned sparingly with a slightly hot vinegar sauce which they provided more of on the side, giving me the ability to add as much or little as I preferred. the bacon slabs were smoked and grilled, big chunks of bacon that were totally satisfying without anything else added. On the sides, the brussels sprouts were moist, tender, and flavorful, the chili was very chunky and had a decent flavor.
                  Oh also tried their "World famous skillet corn bread". it was decent, moist with kernels of corn throughout, and came with a fairly mild but fresh tasting jalapeno butter. satisfying but not sure about the world famous billing.