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Jun 7, 2007 05:53 PM

Hand made burger in portland?

Any burger joints or taverns in Portland that make a good burger with a hand made patty? I know about the Bistro type places but don't really want to spend $11 for a burger. Thanks.

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  1. Giant Burger in Lake Oswego (Boone's Ferry)

    1. There's a place downtown Portland called Captain Ankeny's Well just a blockish off W. Burnside at SW 3rd and Ankeny that handmakes burgers with Harris Ranch beef (the place also has a decent pizza). The place is fairly small, but its burgers are very good....and I think around the $8 mark. Just a few blocks further south on 3rd is the Bijou and they are also reputed to have a good handmade burger.

      1. nob hill on NW 23rd has great burgers..wont hurt the wallet either. Check it out

        1. ditto on Nob Hill (re: rookcook reply) - NW 23rd at Lowejoy. Local non-fuss place in the middle of trendy 23rd.

          1. There's Georges on 99W near the Tigard Theater. It's not a place with much atmosphere, but the burgers are good. Also GIant Burger on Boones Ferry in Lake Oswego is pretty good.