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Jun 7, 2007 05:51 PM

Recommendation between Milwaukee and Sheboygan - open on Sunday, please

I'm heading from Chicago to Door County with my parents who are in their late 70's and need a recommendation for lunch. I figure that we will leave about 9am and guess that we will be somewhere between Milwaukee and Sheboygan come lunch time. Last trip we ate at a place in Port Washington that I would like to avoid finding again so I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. Exit Port Washington Road in N. Suburban Milwaukee and turn right. There will be an L-shaped strip mall on your right. In the crux of the L is BENJI'S DELI. Breakfast all day, great sandwiches & soups. After you hit that exit, the near-freeway restaurnats will be slim pickings for quite a while.

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    1. re: g rote bad...the exit is Brown Deer Rd, which intersects Port Washington Rd./

    2. I'll second the Benji's suggestion. I'm fortunate to live only a block from their other location. Really good corned beef. Great chicken soup (w/ matzo ball, if you like, noodles if you don't) and other great stuff as g_rote notes.

      Also, having made the trip up 43 many time to see relatives, I'll confirm there's no there's very little to get that's good on that road.

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        We found Benji's and loved it! I had a spinach Benedict with mushrooms and pine nuts - yummy. Mom, never very adventurous, had a tuna melt which she enjoyed and Dad had the corned beef sandwich. He added their brown mustard and ate every morsel repeating the words, "Just like Florida." (Mom and Dad frequent Jewish delis around Boca.)

        Chowhounders come through again - thanks!

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          Thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it. I opened that restaurant as the GM back in 1998/1999, but haven't been back in about 5 years. That benedict was certainly not on the menu way back when, but the corned beef has always been fab.