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Jun 7, 2007 05:34 PM

Las Vegas Mid-Range?

Hi. My wife and I are going to Las Vegas for her birthday next weekend. Another couple is meeting us there and I'm trying to plan two dinners with them. We'd like to keep one of them in the $75 per person or lower (not a lot of drinks, the woman of the couple is newly pregnant). The other we're likely to do even less expensive owing to their budget, so that's likely to just be a cafe of some sort...I'd appreciate any suggestions for that as well.

We're staying at the MGM Grand and would prefer something walkable, though the monorail would be ok, too. We tend to lean towards Asian or French foods when we eat out with them. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I love L'Atelier at MGM Grand. Since the menu is comprised of small plates you can try as many or as few dishes as you like, helping to keep the cost down. $75 each will get you a lovely meal.

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      I too love L'Atelier, but the price is likely to be well in excess of $75/person. The MGM Grand web site specifies an average of $125/person; I'd estimate higher still.

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        You're right, it does say that. That's an average check, which probably factors in quite a bit of alcohol (it is Vegas, afterall!). Since Ccbweb's party won't be drinking much it probably won't be that high. I don't recall the individual dishes being expensive at all, but I could be wrong.

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          Each of my four meals cost more than $125 - a couple of them much more - and limited alcohol was involved. The tasting menu will definitely blow the budget, but so will a typical meal. My most expensive meal was a three course meal that came to $160, excluding drinks; with two glasses of wine it came to $200.

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            I think they'd really be pushing it within their budget since the dishes can be very expensive and the portions can be small.

      2. As for the MGM itself, you could do pretty well within your budget at SeaBlue, if that menu appeals (it's neither Asian nor French).

        You could dine within your budget at Bouchon (French, at the Venezia Tower in the Venetian), I think it would be very memorable. If you want you can take the monorail there although I'm pretty sure you have to walk through Harrahs and over to the Venetian. If there are four of you it would probably be less expensive to take a cab, depending on the current monorail ticket price, and also weather considerations as it may be too hot for your pregnant friend to walk very much. Maybe $10 for a cab, we stay at MGM a lot and while we normally drive to Vegas from our home in L.A., my husband prefers to cab around at night when he's having drinks. We've cabbed between the MGM and Venetian lots of times.

        There's a free monorail from just outside Excalibur (a 5 minute walk from the upstairs strip entrance to MGM by the Rainforest Cafe) which runs to Luxor and Mandalay Bay. Maybe see if any of the restaurants at Mandalay appeal to you.

        I'm sure others will make some recommendations in Vegas' ever-growing Chinatown which you'd definitely have to cab to (it's on Spring Mountain but west of the I-15), but you'd probably make up your cab fare in less expensive dining.

        1. mon ami gabi at the paris has good food and will fit your price range.

          1. best value in vegas for great meal are off the strip imo. just came back from 6 days business trip and two of the best meal i had was off the strip. take a cab to two of the best restaurants vegas has to offer at low to mid price range.

            rosemary's: 3 course pre fix meal @ $50 or 5 course tasting course @ $75. i took 11 people and they all order 3 course meal which you can pick any 3 items from their menu..great deal and for the price you pay food is better or as good as any high profile
            joint that i have gone which includes picasso, joel robuchon, nobu etc...

            another place that is worth the taxi trip is:
            lotus of siam: not a fancy fact its on the divey side but best thai food you will ever have next to being there! you will see most of the high profile chef's picture on the wall who dine there on their off time...ming sai, joel robuchon, wolfgang well as tons of celebrities.
            12 peoples and 18 dishes, 3 bottles of german riesling, 2 corkage for my bottles cost me $450. best deal in vegas! and they have killer wine list

            and these two places are the only 28 rating from zagat in vegas

            1. Lotus is a great recommendation if your friends are fond of thai food; it's great. Also very nice is Okada at the's a sushi place but has small cooked plates and some excellent sort of fusion-ish appetizers. It's a very pretty room and b/c of the small plate nature of it, you can control cost pretty well. Bouchon is great, especially outside. You might also think about Burger Bar at the Mandalay bay passage shops...kind of nice, upscale burgers; also Cafe ba ba reeba in the Fashion Show has pretty tasty tapas at a reasonable price. You may have to cab to some of these places, but with 4, the cab is pretty reasonable. Although I like Rosemary's, if you don't have a car, I think it is just too far in a cab, especially in weekend traffic.....also, I'd recommend reservations at all these places, including LOS and you may want to reserve now. Tables are harder and harder to come by on the weekends, it seems.

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                I would not recommend Seablue. When we ate there it was not that great, overpriced and very bad service.

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                  yeah...LOS is a must everytime i go vegas. and i do agree rosemary's is little out of way but really good.
                  heard good thing about tood's?
                  i really want to like many of the high profile places on the strip but they always come up little short for the $$$. joel was good but was it $400 pp good? picasso was good too but is it worth $250pp? NOT
                  i did have decent meal in downtown vegas, 2nd st grill in freemont which has asian fusion food that was really good and price was very reasonable. nice room too.

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                    Todd's is terrific. The food is great, it's family owned, and you can byo on Wednesday's with no corkage. It's quite a bit closer to the strip than Rosemary's particularly the south strip.