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Jun 7, 2007 05:28 PM

Breakfast in Vancouver

Can anybody suggest a place for a really good breakfast somewhere near the Times Square Suites on Robson? I'm willing to walk up to 2 or three miles. Is there a good poutine to be found nearby? I've always wanted to try this (I know that it's more of an eastern Canada thing, but I rarely get anywhere in Canada).

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  1. Fritz, which is on Davie St does great poutine! They have fantastic dips for fries as well

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    1. re: irishgirl

      I have read that they are open quite late; do you happen to know how early they open? I havent been able to find that information anywhere.

    2. Brunch or Brekky?

      Central on Denman has brekky until 4 everyday. Good solid food. Always good if not great.
      Wild Garlic for brunch on weekends.

      A little farther afield but worth it for brunch- Nu (order the Oyster appy - you HAVE to!) or Fiddlehead Joe's. I would say a 5-6 dollar taxi and a V nice walk along English Bay back to your place. and the walk along Denman is SUCH a trip! Awesome people watching.

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        Breakfast. I am arriving on a Wednesday afternoon, and leaving the next day. I will have time for breakfast (and MAYBE an early lunch) before having to leave for the airport. I like a good walk, but dont want to take cabs more than necessary.

      2. Provence for brunch! In Yaletown, walk to it via the seawall. Even just coffee and pastry at Urban Fare is nice.