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Jun 7, 2007 04:47 PM

Help me name this drink!!

Okay actually it is plural...drinks!!

I love mixing and concocting new drinks and have recently came up with two new favorites. Please try them if you get a chance, both are great for summertime. Unfortunetly my creativity ends there, naming these two have ended with me banging my head against a wall!!

Number One:
Muddle two sprigs of cilantro and mint with a small splash of simple syrup (helps extract essenses)
Add 3oz of a dry white wine (prefer Pinot Grigio)
Add 2oz of homemade sweet-n-sour (equal parts of simple syrup and fresh lemon juice
Shake with ice and pour all into glass
Top off with a generous splash of soda water
Garnish with cucumber and lemon slice

Number Two:
Grate fresh ginger and scrape two vanilla beans-add all (even vanilla pods) to hot simple syrup mixture to sit overnight.
Strain mixture
Add 1oz of above simple syrup
Add 3oz of Muscat (sweet wine preferred, Reisling could be substituted)
Add 1oz of fresh guava juice (sounds crazy huh-but it tastes incredible)
Shake with ice and pour all into glass
Top off with soda water

#2 I was thinking of naming Vanilla Ginger Cooler, but that seems so boring and unoriginal. Help me!!

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    1. 2. The Gingerbean Man

      1. #2 Tahitian Tickler?, Vanilla Verve?, Tropical Tang?

        #1 Herbed Sweet and Sour?

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        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          Gingerbean Man sounds interesting. Also like the Tahitian Tickler or something along those lines

        2. #1. savory summer spritzer
          #2. the spicy tahitian (assuming you are using Tahitian vanilla)

            1. re: hitachino

              Thanks all so much!! I definitly got a kick out of some of thoses names!! Still not sure what I will use-but keep them coming. I wouldn't have even thought of anything close to what is above.

              1. re: cocktailqueen77

                #2 Instead of Musrat Love how about Muscat Love - like the song???

                1. re: Kitchen Queen

                  I was thinking about Ginger and Mary Ann... or Muscat Ann... but I love Muscat Love! Love it! I'll have to make and think about that herbie spritzer....