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Jun 7, 2007 04:43 PM

Moved from SF to Pleasanton...Please help.

We just moved from SF to Pleasanton and the lack of food options are killing us. Balazo can provide a decent burrito fix. Red smoke grill and Back forty in San Ramon allow me to get my BBQ on. Gimanelli's deli makes solid sandwiches. Blue Agave club has an awesome patio and pretty good, although expensive, mexican food.

Where can we get:

-A good burger (best so far is at Val's in Hayward but it's a trek to Hayward)

-pizza and/or calzone (the best so far is Amici's, and I have no interest in dealing with the crowds at Zachary's in San Ramon)

-dim sum (the one by stoneridge mall is decent but I'm sure there's better out here)

-chinese (non dim-sum)


-Mediteranean (gyro, shwarma, falafel, fresh hummos)

I'm also up for other options in the BBQ, Burrito/Mexican and Deli categories or any category not mentioned.

I'm really looking for places that are within 5-7 miles of pleasanton (castro valley, livermore, san ramon). Places open later than 9:00pm on weekdays would be a bonus, although that may be asking too much for Pleasanton.


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  1. If Dublin is close enough, there is an Armadillo Willys, some Asian places that have gotten good mentions on the board and a Tomatina all between Tassajara and the Hacienda Crossing center. The Willys has a couple of promos (all you can eat ribs, kids eat free, tri tip night etc.) and I know Tomatina is open until 10 pm.

    1. For a burger, Athens on Dublin blvd is good. Tri Valley Seafood (probably the Chinese restaurant you're referring to near the mall) is the best Hong Kong style restaurant in the area. A branch of Koi Palace called Koi Gardens is slated to open this summer in Ulferts Center in Dublin. This should make Tri Valley a ghost town. For sushi, I think the best is Senro's in downtown Pleasanton. I wish there was Mediterranean here, but I don't know of any.

      I completely agree with your sentiment on Blue Agave. During the nice evenings of summer, the place is packed.

      1. Three Brothers from China -Chinese food, pretty good
        2211 San Ramon Vly Blvd
        San Ramon, CA 94583
        (925) 838-9600

        For Italian I would try, though I haven't been. Call to see if they are still around.
        Sazio's Ristorante Italiano
        20400 Lake Chabot Rd
        Castro Valley CA 94546

        Singapore Old Town Cafe -Singaporean, many reports recently
        4288 Dublin Blvd #109
        Dublin, CA 94568
        (925) 833-8300

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        1. re: hhc

          oh i like your list!

          haven't tried the sazio's yet...

          some folks like pyzano's in castro valley... i think the chef/owner was on emeril before... i think it's ok.. not great...

          dublin has so places these days since it's growing a lot

          there's a royal afghan place that i see ads for all the time, but i haven't gone there yet.

          there is sozu sushi off of valley, which is pretty popular. i like this other one.. but i'm sorry, the name escapes me...

          oddly enough i haven't found a burger place yet, but then again, i haven't really looked... there's always in and out by hopyard! oh and a fatburger in pleasant hill (a bit of a trek). for weekends, i would make the trek to walnut creek areas =)

          steak at forbes mill.. but pricey... try danville area too =)

          1. re: hhc

            Singaporean in Dublin! This excites me. I'll be there this weekend.

            1. re: Fussy Foodie

              here's my latest review.. i think you can search and get other recent reviews =)


              fyi, i ordered take out there this past weekend... i ordered noodle soup, they forgot my noodles.. hahahah oh well =) i ate the soup with rice and it was still yummy =


              OH OH OH

              and in that same ulferts plaza, they JUST opened a really nice vietnamese restaurant... i went in last week thinking they were open, and it was really very very decor inside.. unfortunately, they were not opened, but they told me that they were scheduled to open what would have been yesterday (6/7/2007).

              there's also japanese, ramen, a grill in that area....

              i'm in the tri-valley often, and so i'm constantly in search of good food =) got sick of main street...

              OH and aura nightclub serves a full menu until about 10 pm. i usually go for appetizers and desserts. they have a really good molten lava cake.... and it's a full bar so it has great drinks =)

              1. re: kinipela

                I went to ramen restuarant in that complex a few days after they're open. I was disappointed with the ramen quality, not as good as Maruichi, which is my standard. I haven't been back there yet to see if it has improved or not.

                A new Korean restaurant has open in Santa Rita, near Stanley, it's called Spring Rain. I haven't been there yet, so no review yet.

                If you like Korean's noodle soup, Jambong, a spicy beef and seafood noodle soup, try Chinese Schezuan near Hopyard and Valley. They make their own noodle fresh, it's quite good. I don't know if many folks know that they offer this on the menu.

                1. re: Mul

                  when did they open? actually the only place i've gone to was SOTC....

                  1. re: kinipela

                    Anybody with experience at the new T-Valley Korean BBQ at the Shamrock Shopping Center next to Big Lots in Dublin on Amador?

                    And a new China Wall Buffet is to be open today (June 11) at that same center, next to Dollar Tree.

          2. You've pretty much got the high points so far. Singapore Cafe is my favorite lunch spot of late. The dim sum place by the mall is hit or miss. Usually it's decent but I was there this week and it was just O.K. Love Athens Burgers for gyros and I bet their burgers are good. I don't care for the Hopyard Brewery. I think their burgers are dry. I would add Little Home off Santa Rita near the Trader Joes for excellent Thai. Tabla in the same strip mall is good for refined Indian fare. Don't know about other pizza joints or Chinese spots.

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            1. re: Cheesy Oysters

              We've been to little home and it's great for the Thai fix. We also tried Sri Thai at Hacienda Crossings and hated it. Everything is ridiculously sweet.

              The curries and naan at Tabla aren't great. I loved the curries at Pakwan, and my all time favorite is Kabana in Berkeley, I find it highly unlikely to find a place comparable to those in the tri-valley. I did like the kabobs at Tabla, chicken tikka and boti were nice and tender and full of that tandoori flavor.

            2. I live in Oakland, work in Pleasanton ... and I think this place is kinda like a place in the Mission or like an Oakland Fruitvale/taco truck experience.... (or as close as you can get in the suburbs).

              Tacqueria El Gallo ... in the shopping center behind Trader Joe's on Santa Rita Rd. (near to the little coffee drive-thru kiosk). .....

              Go for the coctel de camarones. Burritos are pretty good ... unlimited chips .. nice salsa bar in the middle ... but the coctels are the winners ... I get one almost everytime I go.... kind of dumpy little place ... with a small TV up top the counter always turned to Ch. 14 and some Espanol game show or a futbol match... If you're missin' the Mission, great spot.

              But if you want a suburb experience, well, to hell with you. Enjoy Pleasanton ...