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Suggestions for California-style (non creamy) Coleslaw?

It's almost summer, June gloom will be but a distant memory soon, and I'm craving some good tangy, crunchy coleslaw.

The non-creamy/mayo type.

I've been to Whole Foods, Bristol Farms and the mega markets already.

Any other suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. Quite often Joan's on third has good non creamy colslaw

    1. how about the peanut slaw at Wood Ranch? It's an oil/vinegar dressing. We've ordered it as take-out. Ask for the dressing on the side.

      1. Clementine has what you are looking for.

        1. i haven't been there in a very long time, but if memory serves, i think 'sante la brea' used to do a really good onoe.

          1. Xotik Kitchen in culver city: "shredded carrot and cabbage salad with citrus dressing." That salad makes me feel so healthy.

            1. I am not a big fan of mayo; therefore, I rarely eat coleslaw.

              Taco Mesa, in Costa Mesa, has a really great cabbage in lime juice as part of their salsa and condiment bar. That's the closest thing to 'slaw that I'll eat. :)


              Also, if you like pupusas, the marinated cabbage ("curtido") that garnishes those at Salvadoran restaurants is yummy.


              1. Reddi Chick in the Brentwood market has good cole slaw that is not creamy. They also have good french fries and rotisserie chicken.

                1. I agree with the Wood Ranch suggestion. I love that coleslaw and have been forced to add peanuts to any coleslaw I've made or bought ever since first trying theirs. YUMMY

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                    Woodranch slaw is the best. YUM YUM YUM

                  2. It's not a coleslaw, but I love the cabbage salad served at Skaf's Grill, a Lebanese restaurant on the NE corner of Oxnard and Laurel Canyon.

                    1. The Asian slaw at Gingergrass is very good.

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                        Smitty's in Pasadena...red and green slaw with dried cranberries on the sides menu...(probably would have liked it better without the cranberries-too sweet, but they're easy to eat around).

                      2. The sandwhich/bar area of the Tam O' Shanter has great coleslaw and potatoe salad. Their sandwhiches (meats) are sliced to order and they have an excellent spicy mustard with horseradish too.

                        But the coleslaw rocks.

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                          Whole Foods has a no mayo coleslaw. It's called Sonora or something Arizona dessert themed and it's good, not great.

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                            the 'painted desert' slaw? i've tried it at several different 'whole foods' and every time it's been pretty tasteless.

                            unfortunately the only kind i've ever enjoyed from them is only available at the san diego stores...'wasabi slaw' with cabbage, radishes, cucumbers, sesame & sunflower seeds. yum :)

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                              Why is the "wasabi slaw" only available in SD? It sounds really good.

                              1. re: katkoupai

                                i wish i knew. whole foods is weird like that, even among locations within the same city. the offerings at the 2 [yes, there are only 2] san diego stores vary widely, and they used to think i was insane when i would ask about certain items that i had purchased at the other local store or @ one here in l.a.

                                actually had similar experiences recently @ the brentwood store...i was hoping to pick up some items i've bought before @ the prepared foods counter @ santa monica, hollywood & westwood locations, but when i ask if they ever carry these things in brentwood they look @ me like i have 3 heads.

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                                that's the one. i can see how it could be described as pretty tasteless. it's not a flavour explosion by any means but as a side to rich, flavour intensive dishes like bbq, i don't mind the cool, crisp, neutrality of it.

                                1. re: Wolfgang

                                  i guess. i just figured that i'm better off making it myself because i typically want that 'flavor explosion.' sure, subtlety has its place, but my palate is more trained in the bobby flay school of flavors...bolder is better.

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                                    We got the Painted Desert slaw at the Pasadena WF this weekend for dad's day BBQ- doctored it with rice wine vinegar, salt/pepper, it was actually pretty good.

                          2. Bandera has excellent peanut coleslaw that is not creamy

                            1. Ooh, I had a delicious and inventive red cabbage and carrot slaw at Auntie Em's Kitchen last week. Had a great crunch and a very refreshing tang. (btw I did not intend to use the exact two words you put in your prompt, they just came out that way)

                              1. I seem to recall a coleslaw at Robin's BBQ (in Pasadena) that had pecans and blue cheese and was surprisingly (in a good way) tangy. But I can't recall if the dressing was creamy or not.

                                1. I love the slaw at Lemon Moon...

                                  1. The chinese coleslaw at Bristol Farms is very good, also the purple slaw with vinegarette at Clearman's Northwoods inn is very good. they serve it to be mixed with their salad.

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                                      Yum, love that Northwoods slaw. Nicely tangy and was pleasantly surprised to find out recently they now serve it at Steak & Stein too

                                    2. The coleslaw at Robin's is good. It's not entirely CA -style, as you put it, it has blue cheese and nuts so it's a bit creamy. But . . . it's really good, and it's just the sort of coleslaw that people who don't tend to 'like coleslaw' actually like.

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                                        Actually blue cheese in slaw sounds incredible! Where is this place?