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Jun 7, 2007 04:28 PM

Good place for drinks before Little Giant?

Going to Little Giant tomorrow - any recs for drinks before or after?

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  1. I would actually get drinks at Little Giant. Have one at the cute, tiny bar before moving to a table.

    But if you want a change of setting, there are good mojitos at Barrio Chino across the street, and East Side Longe is a few blocks further east. For beer, Good World has a great selection--it's a few blocks south along Orchard.

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    1. re: akowit

      There is also Lolita, on the northeast corner of Broome & Allen; and Clandestino, south a couple of blocks on Canal near Ludlow (near Good World).

      1. re: akowit

        i really like barrio chino. it can get kind of crowded late at night, but the drinks are excellent and that long, wooden table is cool place to sit.

      2. for some reason inoteca's wine bar came to mind. terrific food as well if you have never been...

        1. Paladar, Barramundi, Verlaine (happy hour 'til 10)

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            second verlaine, they have one of the tastiest lychee martinis in town, if you're into that kind of thing. if you want some scene and really expensive cocktails, the rivington hotel bar will fit the bill (the drinks are actually pretty good).

            1. re: jsgjewels

              Thanks all- heading to Verlaine for pre-drinks (been there before and forgot all about their great Lychees!) Thinking maybe Barrio Chino afterward or Lucky Jacks.