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Jun 7, 2007 04:26 PM

Cheap Lunch in Westside (North of Venice-West of Robertson)..

...or nearby

Hello hounds, I need your help, again.

I am currently studying for the Bar, so I have no time to enjoy food anymore =( The only small break I have is during lunch. I am taking the BarBri course in West LA, corner of Motor & National, so I'm looking for cheap ($5-8), but yummy places to try around this area.

I've been eating at Sabor A Mexico for almost 2 weeks straight, which I still love, but it is time to change up the menu a little. I usually drive north towards westwood after class everyday so if you have any tips on where to have a quick bite I would really appreciate it.

I have no preference as to type of food, I'll eat anything that tastes good.

Thank you in advance

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  1. When I was studying for the bar there I ate a lot at the Cheviot Market. Good soups, salads and sandwiches. I also made my own lunch a lot to stretch my bar stipend.

    Along Westwood Blvd. you could go to Feast from the East, California Chicken Cafe, Sunnin, Poquito Mas (although if you're already going to Sabor for Mexican food I don't know why you'd trade down).

    This thread might help too:

    Good luck with your bar study!

    1. One block west is Hu's which has $5.55 & $6.55 Lunch specials:

      If you can make it over to Overland & head north, There is Aroma Cafe (Serbian or Bosnian - I forget which) for a real change of pace (south of Pico):

      In the Westside Pavillion (Pico & Overland), there is Sofra (Turkish) that is o.k., nothing spectacular by any means, but a change from having Mexican every day:

      The website isn't working, but it's in the food court 2nd floor.

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        $5 lunch express at Buon Giorno on Santa Monica at 15th - amazing food, best deal in town.

      2. I've heard very good things about Simpang Asia