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Lowest price- Spot Prawns

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Hey Hounders,
Just came back from Vancouver and had some really great spot prawns for $6.99/lb.
I want some more! Does anyone know where I can get spot prawns? And what's the going price for these suckers?
I'm willing to travel.

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  1. Your first place to check should probably be 99 Ranch Market (various locations). Their prices are generally the best for seafood items.

    1. For cook at home:
      99 Ranch has the big ones for around $17.99 a pound
      Arcadia Supermarket and HK Supermarket also had them for around the same price.

      For restaurant:
      A month or so ago, I went to New Capital Seafood, and they were having a special at $1 a pound (of course, they only give you about 1/2 to 3/4 pound for $1). There was a limit on how much you could order depending on how big your party was.

      Full House in Arcadia generally sells them for around $20 a pound.