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Jun 7, 2007 03:46 PM

HELP! Questions about HARU ULALA (Little Tokyo)

I'm planning on going to Haru soon for lunch.

Anyone know if they are currently offering SOFT SHELL CRABS?


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  1. I don't think that they are open for lunch; I think that they open at 5:30 or 6:00.

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    1. i recommend Izayoi for lunch/dinner over Haru.
      Call Izayoi to see if soft shell crabs are available the day you go.

      132 S. Central Avenue (btwn 1st/2nd)
      Los Angeles, CA 90012

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      1. re: yinyangdi

        yinyang: Thanks, but I was really interested in trying Haru's fried camembert and grilled oysters also.

        How do the two places compare pricewise?

        1. re: Liquid Sky

          I love the fried camembert!

          I usually spend twice as much at Izayoi than I do at Haru Ulala; but then I usually order toro at Izayoi and that bumps up the check a bit. Overall Izayoi is the more expensive restaurant though.

            1. re: Liquid Sky

              Why does everyone like it so much...I've had 2 hellish experiences there.
              The first time, I was really excited to try it, and after parking, for some reason, my date and I decided to go to Izayoi instead and knew nothing about it. It was amazing...all kinds of exciting traditionals, exotics, and fusions, worth every penny...we decided to go over to Haru to add some more sake and oysters to the evening and we were so happy that we hadn't started there. The first clue was the fishy smell that hit us when we walked in the door...not a good fishy smell...the sake menu was weak, the oysters were lame, and to top it off, the same song kept playing over and over for over 30 minutes...crazy...we gave the rest of our sake to the couple next to us, didn't finish our 6 oysters and headed back to Izayoi to end with their oysters and sake. 2nd time, sat for ever, couln't get anyone to take our order, so we left...guess where...Izayoi.
              Now, I eat lunch at Izayoi at least once a week and I am always super pleased...they have a wonderful Bento for $9.50 for the first 20 people...and if they've run out, I order the Sashimi special...always good quality, and lovely.
              Yeiks, I probably shouldn't have said anything cuz now the place will get too busy...uh oh.

              1. re: tatertotsrock

                I had the same thing happen, the same song play over and over again for 30 minutes, but it was at Izayoi! Weird how we had parallel experiences.


                1. re: Bon Vivant

                  That's funny, I've never even noticed the music at Izayoi...Ok, should I actually try to give Haru a 3rd try?
                  If so, what should I order?
                  Have you gotten adventurous enough to try the Squid Liver at bizarre, but it's worth ordering again just to see the reactions on the faces of my friends. It's a creepy yet oddly exciting oral experience.
                  Can you suggest any other places in that area for my to try...I am usually dining alone at odd times, so not looking for a scene.
                  Thanks ahead of time Bon Vivant!

                  1. re: tatertotsrock

                    Some people really like Haru Ulala and others don't; I've never had a problem there with the food or the service. I usually just order basic stuff like the grilled vegetables, hamachi collar, braised pork, soba (hot and cold), and usually one octopus or squid special (recently I had the enoki mushrooms with squid butter and the octopus balls [no jokes please!] which for some reason tasted much better the next day). Overall I think that the food is higher quality at Izayoi but sometimes I just want some grilled okra and some noodles.

                    Another place that you might like is Koshiji (grilled skewers) on the second floor of the Weller Court. There is a counter around the grill, the food is great, and it's a nice atmosphere.


                    1. re: Bon Vivant

                      Thanks! I think I will still give Haru a try. In addition to Izayoi for lunch (since Haru is not yet open for lunch).

                      Also, what all of your thoughts on TOT? They seem to specialize in Bowls of all kind...