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Jun 7, 2007 03:37 PM

Sept. 2 - My 60th B-Day in Rome - Help with Rest Rec.

Any help would be welcome. I'm sure we will be staying near the Spainish Steps. I would prefer no tourist traps. Price is not an issue.

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  1. Since price is no issue, La Pergola. I took my mom there for her 65th B-day and it was very memorable. The best night views of Rome and the Vatican.


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      I love La Pergola too, but Sept 2 is a Sunday and it won't be open. La Terrazza at the Eden, off via Veneto, could be an idea. I haven't been there in quite a while but always liked it. The Splendid at Hotel Majestic is supposed to be very good, but I haven't been. Our standby for upscale Sunday evenings is Al Ceppo, in Parioli, which we like very much. For a Sunday lunch you could hire a car and driver and go to Antonello Colonna, in Labico.

      1. re: mbfant

        This is not a suggestion unless anyone can approve, but I have never eaten at the Hotel Hassler at the top of the spanish Steps. I have only enjoyed many a fresh bellini and the location, service, views, etc were perfect. I wonder if they have a restaurant and if it would be a good choice for borny.

        Just a thought...


        1. re: MunkeeCIAO

          I thought of the Hassler, but I've never eaten there and never heard any trustworthy good reports.

          1. re: mbfant

            We have reservations for La Pergola in early August. Do you recommend a table inside or outside?

            1. re: mickeyj

              With its incredible position on Monte Mario, the terrace at La Pergola has a fabulous view and is definitely where the action is in summer. Personally I find all views after dark a bit static and I enjoy watching a dining room at work, but go for the terrace.

              1. re: mbfant

                mbfant, thanks for the post on selection of table. everyone has different opinions about whether la pergola is truly worth the expense. what is your opinion? we are travelling to rome primarily to roam the city and sample the food. we will have 9 days in July/August. I have booked only chechhino dal 1887 and la pergola. is it worth the cost? and, can you give me some idea of what we can expect for dinner for 2 in terms of the cost? thanks, in advance.

                1. re: mickeyj

                  It's really between you and your conscience and your bankbook whether it's worth the expense. It's a three-star restaurant, and not everybody enjoys paying a lot of money for a meal in the stratosphere. If you're OK with the three-star scene, it's worth it. I really don't know the cost, but would be ready for €500 per couple, more depending on the wines. Checchino, also depending on the wines, will be more like €150, maybe less. The real question with La Pergola is what you want on your trip to Rome. I sometimes think La P is more important for people who live here and not really necessary for visitors. In any case, it's a great restaurant, and if you have a reservation, just relax and enjoy it.

                  1. re: mbfant

                    Thanks mbfant. That is good advice. We do have a reservation and I think we'll just go for it. My favourite restaurant eatings in our town (Toronto) are the local neighbourhood places. That said, my best dining experience in Toronto, was at Susur, Susur Lee's restaurant, and Toronto's best restaurant.

                    I've enjoyed your posts. If you were to recommend one or two more restaurants to your friends, not top-end like La Pergola, what would you recommend?

            2. re: mbfant

              Just got done reading Conde Naste's "Hot List" edition where they list top new Hotels/Spas/Restaurants/Bars. In it are 3 restaurants in Rome. One is Imago on the rooftop of the Hassler. Apparently great views of the Spanish steps and St Peter's. Entrees are $51-$66. Again, I have not been here, but thought I'd mention given our prior conversation.


      2. La Pergola I've never been, chiefly because were I to do so, my banker could call me in and go over my accounts. I also avoid places preferred by "celebrities". Indeed, I make an effort to know nothing about such souls. Indeed, it was only yesterday that I learned that Paris Hilton isn't a hotel in France!

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          Don't know about La Pergola, but La Matricianella near the SS was fabulous - friendly, delicious and delightful. We really enjoyed eating there (fried artichoke, pasta with mushrooms and yummy desserts), reasonably priced and served by the happiest waiter.