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Jun 7, 2007 03:26 PM

Cheap E.V. Chinese takeout??

Since moving to Arizona over two years ago, I have yet to find a decent cheap, greasy, delicious Chinese takeout joint. I've found cheap and greasy... but that's it. I don't want PF Changs or a truly "authentic" place like some I've seen around Warner and Dobson. I just want to know where you all go when you want to treat yourself to some good 'bad' food....?

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  1. I'll be interested in the replies to after seven years we haven't found a place we like. Like you we've just found lots of cheap and greasy so we've pretty much given up with regards to chinese takeout. Our last attempt was Red Dragon and we definitely don't recommend that.

    1. Over in Gilbert, we like Taste of China on Val Vista/Elliott, and Mei Xiang on Val Vista/Ray. =)

      1. NEC of Alma School and Elliott - China Way. Been there close to 20 years. Family run, clean, good, drive thru - let's you pay extra for all white meat on most chicken entrees if you want.


        1. One of my favorites for years has been a place called China Bowl on the SE corner of Alma School and Baseline. But I recently noticed that they've changed their name (to Dragon something-or-other), and I haven't been in yet since this happened, so I don't know if it's the same owners or not.

          1. I love real authentic Asian food, but I also have a warm spot in my heart for *chicken chow mein* like I used to get in cheap Chinese takeout joints in NY, NY. I don't know where to get that in Arizona. I also don't know where to get great noodles, like roast duck chow fun or chow mei fun, like they make em in the cheap noodle joints in Chinatown, like the late and lamented Hong Fat, or the still going strong walkdown dive, Wo Hop, on Mott Street.

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              Try Best Hong Kong Dining on 1116 S. Dobson Rd.,
              They have great Roast Duck and well as a plethora of Noodle of the most authentic I have found in AZ....VERY INEXPENSIVE!

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                I've been to Best Hong Kong many times, and I like the place, but their noodles dishes are not to be compared to NY Chinatown.

                1. re: ciaogal

                  on occasion a bit inconsistent but this is where we come for roast duck & roast pork as well per pops (born in canton, china & in the restaurant business - a good bit fine dining for 50+ years).

                  we also did have some incredible crunchy skin on the roast pork at china king.