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Jun 7, 2007 03:08 PM

Tokyo Table on La Cienga? Sushi

I'm hearing good things about this spot?

Any reviews?

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  1. I went a few months ago, so the memory is spotty. I'd say that it's a modern, slick place with a giant menu of Japanese favorites from noodles and rice dishes to sushi and tonkatsu and everything in between.

    They make a bunch of funky shoju cocktails and pour ginormous overflowing boxes of sake (a nice hand-picked selection of sakes, by the way).

    I didn't eat sushi when I went, so I cannot comment. But I think it's a worthwhile stop, if only for the vibe and the diversity of the menu.

    Go bananas.

    1. plenty of chatter re: TT on CH in the past couple months.