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Jun 7, 2007 03:01 PM

Las Vegas dilemma

My wife and I will be in Vegas in a couple of weeks for 2 nights. We have res's at Rao's ( which we love) as well as Japonais. My question is would B & B be a better bet than Japonais? Thanks for the advice.Rob

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  1. It depends - do you prefer apples or oranges? Both of those are fruits; both of the places you mention are restaurants in a casino. Those are about the only similarities.

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    1. re: Friend of Bill

      Thanks for your reply, If I could rewrite my question it would ask if anyone has ate at Japonais and would they recommend it.

      1. re: RCCIV

        i cancelled my reservation at Japonais and went to Tao in the Venetian. I was very happy with my choice. Tao is great food in a very upbeat, cool atmosphere. Japonias looked very laid back when we walked by, not a bad thing, and the menu looked great, but again, i was very happy with Tao.