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Jun 7, 2007 02:57 PM

gourmet weekday lunch place in downtown Bellevue?

I've been tasked with finding a lunch place for a team event. The majority of us are prettily heavily invested in what we eat and all have strong opinions about what restaurants we Seattle. But, we work together in Redmond and are thinking of heading to downtown Bellevue for lunch. I had thought we'd get our kicks at Porcella's Urban Market, but it's more of a deli anyhow and too small to accommodate the number we'll have besides (approximately 10). There's always Mediterranean Kitchen, but I was hoping someone here might have another suggestion, preferably some "secret" find that even the most jaded palates would enjoy! Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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  1. I'm not how many people know that Daniel's does lunch.
    Their prime rib sandwich is awesome.

    The stand by would be SeaStar.
    It's gourmet, it's seafood. Not exactly a "secret" though.
    (as you might be able to tell, I'm not a huge fan...)

    I hear Bis on Main is good, but I've never been.

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    1. re: GreenYoshi

      I'm not sure we'll do Daniel's just because we've got a number of vegetarians and others who don't eat beef. Someone else mentioned SeaStar to me recently. I read the reviews, but it didn't sound that great. It seems like you'd agree with those reviews. :)

      I'll read up on Bis on Main.

      Thanks for the tips!

    2. If Asian is in your group's repetoire, I'd suggest the following:

      Thai: Chantanee. Family run restaurant that is always busy at lunch. But the food is amongst the best in the Seattle area and consistent.

      Japanese + fusion: Yama at the Galleria. I've had a number of excellent meals there. The atmosphere is more upscale than Chantanee. Sushi/sashimi are traditional, the cooked foods are fusion.

      Malaysian: Malay Satay Hut. It's not fancy by any means, and it's in Redmond rather than Bellevue, but it's a board favorite for good reason.

      Other: Pomegranate (not Asian). It's a hip little eatery in an odd location just outside of downtown Redmond. Menu covers a wide range of selection as well as price, but everythin I've tried from there has been deeelish.

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      1. re: ethereal

        I had forgotten about Chantanee! I love this place. Their crispy garlic chicken is to-die-for!

        More upscale is fine, so I like the Yama suggestion. I'll read up.

        I've driven by Pomegranate and read lots of good things about them. I keep meaning to try them, but I so rarely head that way. We were thinking of heading to downtown Bellevue, though, so maybe Pomegranate will have to wait.

        Thanks for the suggestions!

      2. You should definitely try Pomegranate in Redmond. It's a spin-off from Lisa Dupar's catering and the menu changes seasonally. It's small, the service is great, the menu has large plates and small plates and caters to everyone's ecclectic tastes. You can even watch the caterers in the windowed kitchen preparing food.

        I also agree, Yama, at the Bellevue Galleria is really wonderful.

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        1. re: wino22

          It sounds like I really do have to try Pomegranate. :) It's such an unfortunate location, so they must be quite good to have the following that they do. If I can convince my team to head that way, we just might try it, but we're probably going to downtown Bellevue...

          Thanks again!

        2. Porcella can seat16 at one table and the kitchen table seats ten, so if your heart was set, come see us!

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          1. re: kgaddis

            i could make a meal out of the truffle "fries" alone =)

            1. re: kgaddis

              Really??? I had no idea! I'll push for Porcella then. Thanks!!