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Jun 7, 2007 02:36 PM

San Antonio 1604/281

Hey everyone - I'm an Austin 'hound, but will be driving down to San Antonio this Sunday to see my little sister (she's flying in for a conference). I'm somewhat familiar with downtown/Riverwalk, but she'll be visiting there with her colleagues. I was hoping to find a nice place to have lunch/brunch on Sunday near her hotel (She's staying at 1604 & 281). By perusing this board already, I've found suggestions for Cafe Paladar, Bin 555 and Celito Lindo. Any comments on these places, or other suggestions in the area? If we decide to go into downtown, Sandbar looks interesting, but can't tell if it would work for a leisurely lunch. Any thoughts there? Thanks in advance.

Ken W.

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  1. sandbar... from what i remember... is now closed for lunch. only 5-9p now.

    1604/281... they're chuy's... but you being from austin.... you're probably not imprssed... even thought it's a good lunch spot.

    the good news, you're just a hop, step and jump away from la hacienda de los barios. it's on redland road, just outiside 1604... and if it's a sunny day... it probably has the best patio in town. it's the northern outpost of the famous los barios restaurant. darned good.

    1. The silo has a new location on the south side of the 1604 access road between Blanco and Stone Oak. Try the chicken-fried oysters, they're excellent.