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Jun 7, 2007 02:36 PM

Good food in Croatia (Dalmatian Coast)

Can anyone recommend somewhere good to eat in Dubrovnik or Split?


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  1. I definitly have one in Split, the name is NOSTROMO, and it is just near the fish market, so there is allways totally fresh fish and shells, together with fresh vegetables.
    I have eaten there five times, and I was allways pleasently surprised.
    I have not been in dubrovnik for 5 years, and the scene there is changing every year, so... but, you definitly have to in Konavle, wich is 10 km from Dubrovnik, and eat in KONAVOLSKI DVORI, where is great ambient and great food, home made bread best I have ever try. On the oder side from Dubrovnik is Mali Ston, 25 km north, and there you can eat one of the best see food, especially black (squid) risoto in KAPETANOVA KUCA, if you go there, the shells are must, becouse in front of the restaurant is a biggest and best shell farm in Croatia. And for desert I strongly recomend cake MAKARULI - its from pasta with lots of wallnuts.

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      We only had one night in Dubrovnik and lucky us were taken to Atlas Club Nautica where we enjoyed creative and exciting dishes from top local ingredients. One of the better restaurants we have ever been to.

    2. I can't recommend the name of a restuarant but I can tell you that I bet no matter where you eat in Croatia, the food will be delicious !!!! The beaches and seafood can never be forgotten...............Enjoy !

      1. It has been a very long time since I was there, so I have no current recommendations, except that the food is very very good. At the north (?) end of the old walled city of Split was one of the coolest bars I've ever seen, called Zlatna Vrata (golden gate) and it had a youngish, sophisticated clientele. It felt like I had wandered into someone's salon - I had a great time there. Also in the old city was a restaurant that specialised in mussels, and had a lovely view of the harbour... as I recall, it was on a hotel terrace. (This will make sense when you're there.) Very near the square in the old city in Dubrovnik was a restaurant called Sarajevo that did very good brochettes and it had an interesting selection of wines from around the former Yugoslavia. Sorry that it's not more current or specific.

        1. It's pretty hard to go wrong in and around the Grad (the old city in and around Diocletians palace.) My favorite meals were found at the Varos, in the neighorhood of the same same name just uphill from the Trg (square) Tudjman; at the Sarajevo, just north of the Palace; and Galija for pizza. Pizza is quite good there, in general; Neapolitan style crust but with more local toppings. The seafood in Dalmatia is fresh and well prepared, and the grilled meats are always a good bet. For an appetizer, the local prsut (smoked ham), cheese and olives can't be beat. But you should also try the octopus salad. The bar-cafes that line the Riva (waterfront) are great places to hang out and watch the parade of locals and tourists. And be sure to spend some time in the outdoor market just outside the east gate of the Palace. The beers are good and mostly Central European style pilsners. I particularly liked Ozujsko. For red wines, I liked Dingac, and Postup, as well as few other bottlings of the Plavac Mali grape, sometimes home made. If you are adventurous, try some of the local liqueurs. Espresso, etc. is always available. Pastries are good also.

          1. Can anyone recommend some more places for Split?? I have searched the message boards over and this location is really lacking any.. In fact, I only found ONE place mentioned and that is Nostromo (in this thread). I'm sure there are a few places that are best and would love some help. We just spent two nights in Hvar and the recs were fantastic I found on this board.

            Anyone? :-)

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              Konoba Kod Jose, north of Strossmayerov park.
              Konoba Marjan, small place west of town.
              Sumica, out past Bacvice beach and more expensive than the others, worth it though.

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                On our final day a Croatian friend recommended we try Fife at the southern end of the promenade (keep walking around the harbour and you will see the little blue awning) located on Trumbiceva obala.
                It was exactly what I'd been wanting the entire trip. Apparently it's a popular spot with the local fisherman; I can confirm we were the only tourists! (Although the menu does come in Croatian and English).
                The dishes on all the other tables looked fantastic too. There was a group of older gentlemen who had a large pot that covered the entire table and were taking out entire fish and crustaceans - if only we'd had enough time to order that!!! My friend ordered a goulash with gnocchi like dumplings and I had grilled squid cooked to perfection (and very reasonably priced).
                The menu was along these lines: Starters - soups, bread, grilled sardines, salads;

                Seafood dishes - a large variety of pancooked and grilled fish (hake, smoothhounds, red mullet...) as well as squid and octopus;

                Meat dishes - veal, beef steaks, grilled chicken, cevapcici meat rolls;

                Side dishes - french fries, fried vegetables, potato gnocchi, rice;

                Desserts - pancakes with fruit puree or chocolate sauce, ice cream and various cakes.

                Should I ever make it back to Split it will be my first port of call!!
                Price: US$11-20
                Address: Trumbiceva obala 11
                Directions: Located at the southern end of the promenade, near the harbour.