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Jun 7, 2007 02:24 PM

Help. July 4 a disaster for chowhounds!

I called six restaurants looking for a July 4 reservation with no luck. The 3rd is taken care of; we're eating at Commander's Palace. Have gone to opentable in desperation, but now I really need advice. It looks like all of Emeril's restaurants are available (is there a preference?), Dominiques, La Cote Brasserie, Ralph's, Red Fish Grill. Are there alternatives I'm missing? Is one of these a hands down winner? We get to New Orleans so seldom, this has been such a disappointing experience.

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  1. The good thing to realize is that you DO NOT have a disaster on your hands!!! There are loads of fab restaurants in NOLA.

    Ralph's is owned by the Brennan family, who also owns Commander's and practically 1/2 the other restaurants in the city. It is fabulous, and a beautiful place overlooking the park. Other Brennan-owned restaurants include Bourbon House, Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse, Brennan's, Mr. B's Bistro, Cafe Adelaide, Palace Cafe and probably a few others I'm forgetting. Any of those are great.

    Emeril's Delmonico is the best & most upscale Emeril restaurant...but Emeril's is really excellent too.

    My personal favorite is Dante's Kitchen on Dante Street in the Riverbend. Excellent food, can be as casual or formal as you want to make it, great atmosphere, great bartenders :) I'm SURE they wouldn't be booked.

    Marigny Brasserie in the Marigny (duh) is also fabulous.

    Don't worry at all; I'm sure you'll find something delish.

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    1. re: cor

      I immediately called Dante's Kitchen -- closed first 2 weeks in July (which is also true of Dick and Jenny's). After Commander's should I try something non-Brennan?

      1. re: gsElsbeth

        oh that's a bummer about Dante's. Thanks for the FYI...I won't try to go then!

        Yeah, I mean, it never hurts to branch out from the Brennan's.

        Restaurant August & Herbsaint are also spectacular. Foodies tend to really dig those. The Herbsaint chef (Donald Link????) just won a James Beard Award.

          1. re: gsElsbeth

            try KPaul's, or how about Cochon (just get there early they might not take resy's). also Brigsten's

            NOLA is the preferred Emeril restaurant or otherwise Emeril's eponymous restaurant in the Wharehouse district.

            1. re: kevin

              Brigsten's (my first choice) and Cochon both closed :-(

        1. re: gsElsbeth

          The Embers Steak House on bourbon Street is a good is a list of specials at some of the places...might as well use coupons if that doesn't bother you...hey...I"m thrifty...LOL

          1. re: eveh

            The Embers? Are you kidding? It's one of those places that manages to stay open, despite no one you know ever eating there. Any of Emeril's restaurants is far superior to the Embers (even with an allowance for the coupon).

            La Cote Brasserie is good, as is Dominique's.

        2. re: cor

          Luke on St. Charles Avenue is open on the 4th

        3. I don't know about the availability of any of these, but here's some more possibilities: Stella, GW Finns, Iris, Upperline, Bayona, Peristyle, Clancy's, Brigtsen's, K-Paul's, Gautreau's, Martinique, Lilette, Cafe Degas, Cochon, RioMar, La Boca, Irene's, Tommy's...

          I liked Dominique's, I wouldn't bother w/ Red Fish Grill. Haven't been to the others, though I'd say Emeril's and Ralph's wouldn't disappoint, from what I gather. Oh, and I really enjoyed Luke, as well.

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          1. re: JGrey

            Iris, Bayona, Clancy's, Brigstens, Lilette, Cochon all closed.

            1. re: gsElsbeth

              Try Alberta on Magazine. Intimate and romantic. A newcomer, but a very fine restaurant. I'll also be the third to suggest Marigny Brasserie. Very good food, and the most wine-centric place in the Marigny.

            1. Haven't been there in years, but the Embers on Bourbon was good at one time. It's right in the quarter. My husband and I ate our first meal as a married couple there and that was almost 40 years ago. I think it's across the street from Preservation Hall.

              GW Finns, also in the quarter, is excellent. The seafood is always fresh and the apple pie is divine. (order the pie when you order the entree as it is baked just for you) We ate there a couple of weeks ago and the entire experience was wonderful. There is a good wine list and you might spot some celebrities as we did.

              Had brunch at Ralph's in the Park two Sundays ago. We went without a reservation and they sat us at the bar. We enjoyed ourselves and the service was good there, too. This destination will be a cab ride. It's on City Park near the art museum.

              Another favorite of ours is the Marigny Brasserie that was mentioned in another post. The Marigny district is adjacent to the quarter and you'll want to have a cab. The area is "artsy" and diverse. It's entirely different from what you might experience at Commander's.

              So glad you are going to Commander's. It's truly a first class experience.

              Wherever you go, please make a reservation. I would recommend dining late, because it will be hot, hot, and very humid in New Orleans in July. I think it's hard to a heavy meal in that heat.

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              1. re: marchperson

                i agree with that even at night, it will still be hot and humid.

                i for one can't really anything beyond salads of some light fish in 100 degree weather with crazy humidity.

                1. re: marchperson

                  Marigny Brasserie also closed. See my problem?

                2. We use to go around and eat all the free b-b-q at the bars but no one did that last year. Probably because of K. Hope they start it again this year.

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                  1. re: Panama Hat

                    Try hotel restaurants. They have to be open. Rib Room, Maison de ville. go to for help.

                    1. re: Tonto

                      Stella? Irene's? GW Fins? What about those?