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Jun 7, 2007 02:20 PM

Doylestown area Chinese??????

Does anyone have a handle on a good chinese restaurant in the Doylestown area. We looking for something that has a good hot & sour soup, decent menu choices for entrees and a good brown sauce. Most of the ones that we've tried are really lacking. We haul ourselves to Philly's Chinatown or, if we happen to be in an area where a PF Changs is located we'll go there (by the way, I heard a rumor that PF coming to the shopping center in Warrington at 611& Street Rd). We've walked out of dozens in the area after ordering the hot & sour and being totally dissatisfied. We're willing to drive to anything in Central & Upper Bucks and Eastern Montgomery Counties. HELP!!!!

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  1. I like Yangtze in the Ralph's Corner shopping center in Towamencin (just past Hatfield, in fact right across from the Hatfield pork plant). The prices are getting a bit steep if we want to feed all 6 of us, but the quality is great. There are a few tables inside (service is always good) but they do a huge takeout business.

    The same people own Abacus a couple of miles away on Valley Forge Rd (Lansdale). Never eaten there but heard good things.

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      semmen, thanks for the reply. Just had someone mention Yangtze to me last week. We'll probably give it a try in the next week or so. Do you know if Abacus is any bigger in terms of inside tables?

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        I'm afraid I don't know about that but I bet you could call for a reservation.

    2. I'm not sure what you mean by brown sauce... I think a good choice for more authentic Cantonese near you is Golden City on 309 in Colmar--at least, it used to be, I haven't been there in many years since Chinatown is more accessible for me now. Golden City used to be (maybe still is) THE banquet hall for Chinese in the area, seemed like there was a wedding there every weekend. I can't remember any knockout dishes there, but I'm not really into Cantonese food, and it was ages ago anyway; I remember thinking it was good for the area, but not as good as places in Chinatown. If you go, I'd be curious to know what it's like nowadays.

      But if you like a place like PF Chang's, you'll probably like Yangtze or Abacus better, as semmen recommends.

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        I lived in Doylestown for many years, and am now in Perkasie, so I had forgotten what good Chinese food even was. A couple weeks ago, though, my husband and I met our son in Lansdale (he lives there) at a tiny place called Chong's Dumpling House (13 W Main St), and it was so much better than I'd had in years. The dumplings (there are maybe a dozen kinds) and pancakes are still swimming in my memory. The entree less so, but I want to go again and try more things.

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          Dib, thanks for the reply. We've tried Golden City a couple of times and didn't really like it. To give you an idea of what we do like, Sang Kee is our favorite in Chinatown.

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            Judging from your preference for Sang Kee and Lai Lai, I think you'll like Yangtze/Abacus (basically the same place) better than Chong's.

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              Dib, I happened to be driving by Yangtze late yesterday afternoon and stopped in and bought a qt. of hot & sour to go. We both liked it. Also, after being in there for a few minutes waiting for the soup, I began to recall that I'd been there before for lunch. About 8 or 9 years ago, I did some consulting with a company in that area and they took me to lunch there once. I really don't recall what I had or whether I liked it or not, so I guess I didn't hate the place. I think we'll be trying it. Thanks for the replies!

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                Try the panfried dumplings.....I remember eating them in my car during a pregnancy craving 9 years ago.

        2. Followup - We went to Lai-Lai Garden on 202 (just south of 73) in Blue Bell the other night and had a terrific meal. We'll definitely be going back there. It was recommended by someone my wife works with who lives in that area.

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            Abacus is WAY better than Golden City, unless you speak Chinese and can order off of that menu, then I hear it's very good. Their American food I've found to be quite poor. As far as Chong's goes, the dumplings are very good but the entrees are pretty poor and it is one of the dirtiest restaurants I've ever been in.

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              We've been to Lai Lai garden and it was good. I've been wanting to try Abacus. We've also been to Chong's a number of times, and while it is the dirtiest hole in the wall I've been to in quite some time, we really enjoy the food there. The dumplings are all delicious (we've tried several varieties). I actually really like their lo mein, even though it is not something I normally order. We both love their hunan beef. We try to get takeout only from there so we don't have to look at the place while we eat.